The Titor Corporation Announces That They Are ‘Selling’ CHIKARA’s Assets


The latest in the angle… 

chikara Early this morning, the Titor Corporation (in storyline, they are the parent company of CHIKARA) announced that they are going to liquidate the promotion, and are seeking bidders to buy the intellectual property and company assets.

The Titor Conglomerate, the well-respected global alternative asset manager, is currently qualifying potential buyers to participate in the immediate sale of sports-entertainment brand CHIKARA, its related intellectual properties and remaining physical assets. Interested parties will need to complete the application on our site no later than 11:59:59 PT on Sunday, 22 December 2013. This property will be sold to the highest bidder of the qualified buyers. 

You can check out the “Asset Liquidation” form on their website, which is locatedhere.

CHIKARA went on hiatus in June of 2013 for reasons that were not made public. During the main event of the Anniversario iPPV, Condor Security (the henchmen of the Titor Corporation), at the command of Wink Vavasseur, shut the show down. Since then, there has been the #IamCHIKARA movement, which has led to special fan rally events, led by CHIKARA wrestler Icarus. More on the angle as it develops…

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