The Tokyo Monster heads to Millersville Friday


Nashville wrestling fans have been flocking up to NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling on Friday nights.
What the fans have been seeing is a renewal of wrestling that made the SAW Mill famous.
The company will be heading into their sixth year with a very special anniversary show on Friday night with two of the top NWA World Champions heading to face off against two of NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling’s own.

This Friday night, February 9, 2013, the NWA World Heavyweight champion, the Tokyo Monster, Kahagas, will be bringing some very tough competition to the Wolfie D. Will Wolfie D add another title to his resume or will Kahagas leave Millersville with his title intact?
The SAW International championship will also be defended on Friday night when champion Vordell Walker will be returning to defend his championship against Chris Michaels with Victor Van Glorious at ringside. The last time this duo faced off, the SAW Mill about blew the roof. Due to this, there will be two special guest referees with Mike Sircy and Brewster Fetter. Will these two men be able to keep the action contained?
Chase Owens will be making his way to Millersville to defend the NWA Junior Heavyweight Title on Friday night against Kevin Weatherby. While Weatherby was about to outlast some of the best that NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling had to offer in a battle royal for the chance at the title, will he be able to become the NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion?

The NWA Southern Tag Team Championships have been vacant after a dispute over a match weeks ago. Now, the NWA Southern Tag Team titles will be on the line with three teams going for the gold. Team IOU will face off against the Untouchables with Jimmy Street and against the Washington Bullets.
Bryan Casanova with Lacy will be in singles action against Johnny Moore.
Three special cage matches are also on tap for the event.
n the first match, Hammerjack will face off against Jocephus Brody. These two men have been fighting each other off in a heated feud over the last few weeks. Will the cage be enough for these two men?

Hot Rod Biggs and Jason Nation are also embroiled in a heated feud. Now the cage will be the ones to keep this duo inside. Who will walk away with the victory?

And fir the third cage match, Damien Payne has been giving Millersville nothing but grief since walking through the doors a few weeks back. But Chris Bomb has made his intentions known to try and shut Payne up. Will Bomb succeed?
Plus a very special Nitros Noise Segment, a special meet and greet with the wrestlers and more!
Card is subject to change.
NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling is located at the SAW Mill at 1214B Louisville Highway in Millersville, Tennessee.
Doors open at 6:45 p.m. with bell time at 7:45 p.m. Tickets are $10 for all seats.
For more information on NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling, visit or on Facebook at