The Undertaker Returns to Action at WWE Live Event In Texas Tonight

– The Undertaker returned to the ring at tonight’s WWE live event in Waco, Texas. The following photos come from #WWEWaco on Twitter. It looks like Taker teamed with Sheamus to defeat Damien Sandow and Wade Barrett. Stay tuned later for more details.

Taker 1

Taker 2

Taker 3

Big Update on The Undertaker’s Status, News from Tonight’s Return and Plans for RAW…


  • Taker We Love You Man .. Please return on tomorrows Raw in Dallas. Now the road to Wrestlemania actually gets electrify 🙂 I’m so eXcited !!

  • Jeff

    Notably, he lives in the state, which no doubt meant he could get there easier. It’s very likely this was a last-minute decision on Undertaker’s part when he heard they were in town. If WWE had known he was going to be there beforehand, they would have surely advertised him.

  • 316

    Taker RUUULES!!

  • allan mccann

    weird, they have been in texas plenty the last year and no taker. but he shows up at a live event,one he wasnt even advertised for ,out of no where, thats awesome ,shows hes not just in for a payday. and clearly if he is n a dark match hes going to compete at mania

    • Chad

      This may have been a “warm up” for him so to speak. To see if his body can handle wrestling a match. No point in bringing him in for a match at WrestleMania if he wasn’t 100% sure if he could still wrestle. So I wouldn’t necessarily say this guarantees a match at WrestleMania, but it goes a long way to making it happen.

      • allan mccann

        mabye he did it to see if hes ok…but he could have done that with a trainer or guy on his own time..not wrestle a main event. besides seing if hes still got it or not..he would have been advertised. i think taker just got an itch to wrestle. and im willing to bet he will be at mania,its all hype unless taker says no i say yes

  • David

    Please Undertaker, please don’t just beat that CM Punk, give him an ass kicking he will never forget too!

  • Ben 10

    It’s super good the undertaker returns