The Very Latest On Two Top Impact Wrestling Stars Possibly Heading to WWE Amidst Indie Event Issues


As we have been reporting for the past several weeks, top Impact Wrestling stars Pentagon and Rey Fenix appear to be heading to WWE, however, nothing has been confirmed as of this writing.

According to the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, both Pentagon and Fenix are not taking any dates in 2019, which is typically a sign that a talent is heading to WWE. What complicates matters, however, is that Fenix will likely win the AAA Championship at TripleMania, but if he is heading to WWE next year, then AAA might want to avoid giving him the title.

AAA has been burned in the past by Alberto Del Rio, as Del Rio won the AAA Title years ago, then quickly accepted a deal with WWE and returned to the company still the AAA Champion. Del Rio insisted that he would return to AAA and drop the title and complete his business there, but that never happened.

The situation has become even more interesting in that Fenix was scheduled for an APW and Arena Mexico show on 8/17, but he canceled the Arena Mexico show and then claimed he missed his flight for the APW show and did not appear at that event either. Arena Mexico officials were said to be very unhappy with Fenix missing the event.

Pentagon, meanwhile, who was supposed to team up with Fenix at the APW show, phoned APW promoter Markus Jacobsen and told Jacobsen he had hurt his back during a match on 8/16, and was unable to travel for the show. Pentagon then missed an event on 8/18 for Pro Wrestling Revolution, and when the company went live with the show on Facebook, fans began to accuse PWR of false advertising. This lead to the promotion issuing a public statement on the no-show.

The feeling is that while both talents might be WWE bound next year, it does not look good to WWE when talents miss independent events in the above fashion, and indie promoters have had similar issues with both Pentagon and Fenix in the past.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that both Pentagon and Fenix are under contract with Lucha Underground, meaning they will be unable to sign with any televised promotion until six months after the conclusion of the current season.