The Young Bucks Discuss If Tag Team Wrestling Could Main Event An AEW PPV


The Young Bucks were recently guests on the Busted Open Radio show and they discussed staying fresh and making tag team wrestling a focus for AEW.

So far the tag team division has been heavily featured in AEW, and Nick Jackson revealed that they want a tag match to main event a PPV one day:

“One of the things that Matt and I discussed with the television show is to focus heavily on the tag team division. I feel very strongly that we have the best tag division in all of wrestling,” stated Nick. “It is only going to get better once all the tag teams get used to each other. You haven’t seen the best yet in what we are going to do on Wednesdays. We are going to focus on it even more.

“I have said this before and I will say it again, don’t be surprised if a tag match main events a pay per view one day, or a Wednesday night. It should happen and it will happen.”

Nick also discussed how they have managed to stay fresh after all this time:

“It’s taken years and years of thinking and watching tapes and doing things better, just literally getting into the ring and practicing things with Matt to come up with some of the ideas that we have,” said Nick. “For instance, some of the tag team moves that we do to this day we would do it in the backyard when we were just starting out almost 20 years ago. There are still little things that we still do till this day but we are still thinking of new things. As Matt said earlier, with the younger guys on the roster that we see practicing the whole day, it influences us to even try to get better now and try to learn more new and innovative things.”

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