The Young Bucks Discuss Tony Khan’s Plans For AEW In The UK


During the latest AEW Unrestricted podcast, The Young Bucks discussed what plans Tony Khan has in mind for AEW in the United Kingdom.

AEW putting on a show, or a series of shows in England has been discussed plenty of times by the decision-makers of AEW. All of them have stated and promised that AEW will be heading to the country at some point in the future, and The Young Bucks recently revealed how far talks have gotten.

The tag team revealed that they went to the UK with Tony Khan to look at venues for possible shows, with the AEW President having one particular location in mind.

“That night I think we had dinner [in the UK]” Matt Jackson began. “He took us to one of their arenas when we went over there [the UK].”

Matt Jackson would then confirm that was one of the reasons they got behind the AEW project, due to Khan’s ambition. “And it was like, I think that night we looked at each other. We’re like, I think this is it right?” Nick Jackson would then spoke at Fulham’s ground, Craven Cottage “we’re at Fulham arena (Craven Cottage) whatever you call it, it sits like 50,000 people and he’s like, ‘we’re gonna fill this one day with people, for a wrestling show.’ I thought ‘I like this guy, he thinks big.’”

The Khan Family own and operate Fulham F.C., which is a soccer club based in London, England and therefore this is a distinct possibility for AEW. The company would be able to run a show here in the summertime while the soccer season is on its break and the weather is better. The ground itself seats around 25,000 people, but when additional seating is added to the floor, it would certainly push the potential attendance right up.

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