‘This is Impact’ Results: Bound for Glory Recap, The Rascalz vs Team AAA, Tribute to the History of Impact Wrestling


October 22, 2019
Chicago, IL

The show opens with an incredible, nostalgic video package featuring dozens of classic TNA Wrestling moments through the years, up through the transition to Impact Wrestling and into the present day. We see highlights from legendary names like Sting, Randy Savage and Dusty Rhodes, the first Ultimate-X matches, the rise of AJ Styles, Kurt Angle jumping ship, Gail Kim launching the Knockouts division and so much more.

Josh Matthews and Scott D’Amore are in-studio. Tonight is a two-hour tribute show to the history of Impact ahead of the real move to AXS next week. We’ll also have two matches recorded before Bound for Glory, interviews and more.

Don Callis is apparently on the set of some movie starring new X-Division Champion Ace Austin. He promises to find Ace and get an exclusive interview TONIGHT.


Interesting. Shotzi just signed a contract with WWE a week ago. Cool that one of her last matches before heading there is in an Impact ring at Bound for Glory. Madison tells her to lay down and give her the win because she’s the “locker room leader”. Shotzi takes her down with a series of dropkicks that send her to the floor, and Rayne takes a breather over by commentary.

A distraction from Hogan allows Rayne to take over and put the boots to her opponent back in the ring as we head to commercial. They’re trading rights and lefts after the break. Madison hits a Northern Lights bridge for two, before sliding into a low clothesline. She begins drilling Shotzi with knees to the jaw while pointing at her butt, which has “LRL” printed on it. Another dropkick to the face gets her another two-count, but she crashes and burns in the corner.

Shotzi comes back with a dropkick of her own – both ladies down. Shotzi with a reverse Slingblade and a rolling elbow strike, followed by a roundhouse kick. She throws the former Knockouts champion into the post and connects with a 619. Don Callis is on commentary trying to claim that Rayne is a 27-time Knockouts Champion and a former Intercontinental Champion, just as she hits a double knee backbreaker. CrossRayne connects. It’s over.

Winner: Madison Rayne

Josh and Scott recap the history of the Knockouts division and its evolution over the years. They make sure to take plenty of shots at “the other company” for making women wrestle in mud and “pretend to sleep with a 60-year-old man” while TNA was blazing trails and allowing women to get it done in the ring.

We get a look back at Taya Valkyrie’s title defense in the bloody, violent Monster’s Ball at Slammiversary. In case you forgot, that match ended with Havok hitting a Tombstone Piledriver on Su Yung from the second rope, through a bunch of thumbtacks, and Taya hitting her in the head with a steel chair to steal the cover and retain. Wild match.

Back to the movie set. Don Callis interviews Ace Austin who talks about becoming a “major Hollywood movie star” ever since winning the X-Division Championship… two days ago. A sexy woman in lingerie and a silky red robe walks in and says she’s excited to work with him today, and nervous about her role in their film. Hold on, is Ace a porn star now?

More recaps from Bound for Glory including Rob Van Dam turning heel on Rhino during the tag team title match, and the return of Ken Shamrock as he faced Moose.

Taya is interviewed in Los Angeles outside the Staples Center. She talks about becoming the longest reigning Knockouts Champion in history and demands them roll footage of her success Bound for Glory defense against Tenille Dashwood. After the clip she reminds fans that her first ever match was actually against Tenille, putting her over as someone who has wrestled around the world in front of huge crowds, but it wasn’t enough to get the job done when it mattered.


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