‘This.Is.PROGRESS’ Documentary Review: A Story About Family


This.Is.PROGRESS is a fascinating documentary about one of the hottest independent companies in the world right now; PROGRESS Wrestling. Within the documentary it showcases the journey that PROGRESS has been on, working from the ground up to the point where the company will be putting on a show at Wembley Arena this year.

The documentary follows that journey through different vantage points, through the owners, the wrestlers, and the fans. This provides a fantastic, balanced look at all the important cogs on the wrestling wheel and highlights how each role is just as crucial as the other, and nothing can be underplayed.

Within the film, you get to see everything you would imagine and hope for. Glimpses of wrestling, interviews with the owners, the talent and the fans, but it is the subtle message that lies within the core of this documentary where it really succeeds in telling viewers exactly what PROGRESS is about. Family.

Whilst it isn’t the main theme of the documentary, which mainly revolves around how PROGRESS has grown and become such a phenomenon. It is in the background of every single story that is told. Whether it is the family between the three owners; Jim, John and Glen, or the connection the company has with the fans itself, everything is about the heart and connection.

One of the most telling family moments comes from the Mark Haskins elements of the documentary. Having put his blood, sweat, and tears into reaching the very top of PROGRESS, a cruel injury threatens his career, and seeing the anguish he goes through between being there for his own family and not leaving the wrestling world behind is touching and eye-opening.

Mark Haskins

Photo Credit: Elixir Media

Whilst those touching moments are certainly what will leave an imprint on you, the documentary also manages to pull the curtain back just the right amount, without exposing the business, but also giving fans a sneak peek at how it all works, something that is sure to interest any wrestling fan.

Whether it is seeing how the merchandise is sent out or the ring is put up, to more interesting shots of Aleister Black or Jack Gallagher running through spots for a match, the film does a great job at balancing the needs of all viewers. If you’re a passionate independent wrestling fan, there is something here for you, if you just watch WWE, there is something for you and if you don’t watch wrestling at all, this documentary will still entertain you.

Overall, This.Is.PROGRESS is an insightful look into the world of professional wrestling, what it takes to run an independent company and the commitment that everyone involved puts in to make it work. But most of all, it is a simple story about family, heart, and passion and one that anybody can engage with, whether you are a diehard wrestling fan or not.

If you would like to keep updated with the documentaries developments or learn more about it, be sure to check out the following:

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This.Is.PROGRESS is slated for a cinema release in 2018, with no official date confirmed.

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