Impact Rebellion Ends With Moose As TNA World Heavyweight Champion


The unholy abomination that is 2020 just keeps on getting more and more strange, as the “Ultimate Moose” stood tall following the main event of Impact Wrestling’s two-part Rebellion special, holding the classic TNA World Heavyweight Championship above his head.

For the last two months, big man Moose has been on a tirade against “TNA Originals”, claiming to be better and more dominant than anyone who used to wrestle for Impact’s original branding, Total Nonstop Action. This has led to matches with the likes of Rhino, Chase Stevens, Kid Kash and more.

Now, for this to make any sort of sense, we have to back up a step.

Originally, the main event of Impact Rebellion was supposed to feature Tessa Blanchard defending the Impact World Championship in a triple threat match against Michael Elgin and Eddie Edwards, who have spent the bulk of 2020 beating the absolute blood and guts out of each other.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic throwing everything into complete and utter chaos, that title match was scrapped and Elgin ended up being the only one of the three names to appear at Impact’s recent set of television tapings.

Elgin showed up on tonight’s show expecting to be crowned the new champion – a title he claims he’s been chasing for his entire career. Instead he found himself in a totally different triple threat match, against Moose and another returning TNA star, big “Supermex” Shawn Hernandez.

Somehow, Moose got his hands on the classic TNA world title belt, and wore it to the ring while making his entrance in the match. Oh, and did we mention that he was dressed up as Ultimate Warrior, for some reason?

Throughout the match, commentary power couple Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne did note that the TNA World Heavyweight Championship was not an “officially recognized” title belt; however Madison did question whether Tessa Blanchard would be stepping up to face Moose for his newly won prize when she returns to television…

Tune in next week for… Honestly, who the hell knows at this point?