ThunderStruck: Magnus As Champion

In early 2013, I was high on the potential of Magnus in TNA. As the company continued to barely stay afloat with anything interesting on television, Magnus was one of those bright spots that I believed had a lot of potential. Unfortunately for Magnus, TNA “creative” booking took over and put his fate in their hands, the program schedule went to hell in a hand basket, and hardly anyone cares anymore about the overall product.

First off, Magnus has talent. He can work a pretty decent match. He’d never been given a chance to have a five star classic. In the BFG finals, Magnus had his chance. Unfortunately for Magnus, the style(no pun intended) of AJ Styles had changed so drastically that he wasn’t going to have a significantly higher rated match than what you would normally see on Impact. Too bad for Magnus. Then came Bound For Glory. Magnus had a chance to work with the Icon, Sting. On paper, that sounds pretty damn good to launch someone’s career. Unfortunately for Magnus, Sting isn’t the Sting of old and 2009 was the last time he had a match worth checking out. Magnus was doubly-screwed. In the World Title tournament, Magnus was propelled above top talents to the finals in unbelievable fashion. But did he deliver anything memorable? Not really, but who would be talking about it if he had? The last memorable match I can recall anyone getting excited about in TNA was in November and that was the submission match between Austin Aries and Kurt Angle on Impact. Talk about disappointing.

Second, Magnus is a huge victim of money marketing circumstance. TNA has pulled their pay per view schedule and made themselves appear less than important as a wrestling company. Anyone remember what Magnus was doing at Lockdown and Slammiversary? I sure don’t. Hold on while I look it up! Oh that’s right, Magnus was on Team TNA against Aces and Eights in a lethal lockdown match. Ya know, the same card where Bully Ray was “shockingly” revealed as the leader of Aces and Eights and TNA management celebrated the “success” of the angle? How’d that work out for ya, TNA? Poor Magnus. As for Slammiversary in Boston, Magnus was in a forgettable six man tag against who? Surprise surprise, it was the Aces and Eights! I’m sure glad they decided to book him properly for memorable moments as they closed out 2013 with him as Champion! So putting this into perspective, TNA cut down the number of live pay per views, and in the process shit all over he few live ones that they did have by booking filler cards that NO ONE COULD POSSIBLY REMEMBER. Nice work TNA. Again, poor Magnus.

Magnus is now World Champion. Am I pleased that he’s a champion? Eight months ago, I would’ve said yes. Since his flops and piss poor booking, I could honestly care less. That company is headed down the toilet. Magnus is a champion in an era where almost no one cares about the product. I would say it’s like when Booker T was WCW Champion in mid 2000, but at least they had a regular audience up until the end in March of ’01. TNA has shot themselves in the foot by dumping money into top names and doing nothing to achieve any growth factor. All while doing that, they completely ignored talent that they should have been pushing and building into bigger stars. Now they’re tight on the budget and the roster is weak. By weak I mean chalked full of talentless crap like Jesse Godderz and Robbie E, all the while lacking in veteran studs like Chavo Guerrero, AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy whenever they go to Europe.

Should we talk about his lack of charisma? Because the guy usually bores me to death on the mic, but I think that has more to do with his lack of experience. If you put this guy in WWE, they’d use him in the midcard scene of NXT and then eventually let him go. He fits the standard physical mold of what WWE appears to want, but he lacks all green-ness required to be on WWE’s roster. How many TNA originals have come to WWE and experienced real success? That’s right: zero. Nice to know that he doesn’t have that to fall back on when TNA sinks.

Who is Magnus going to feud with? Joe? That would be the only thing worth talking about for now. I could see Abyss becoming important again and having a good run with him, and I could see a turn for Daniels or Kaz to make things interesting in the World Title scene. Same goes for Kurt Angle. Will TNA go that route? I certainly hope so, if for nothing but the sake of Magnus being seen as a legitimate World Champion. I’m going to remain optimistic for his sake, but he has a lot to prove as World Champion and he’s working under some very difficult circumstances to make that happen. One could argue that his biggest obstacle is that mouthpiece who refuses to leave our TV screen, and it remains to be seen when she’ll wake up and get a clue regarding her presence in the company. All in all, despite the terrible situation, I have hope for Magnus as World Champion. – add me and come check out ALL my work! We’ve got Royal Rumble and Summerslam Reviews in my notes section covering nearly all the past shows! Also, there’s lots of conversation and interaction taking place EVERY DAY on my page!