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ThunderStruck: WWE NXT Analysis 01/01/15


The Lucha Dragons open the show taking on Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger. Sin Cara with a sunset bomb into a victory roll pinfall off the top rope for the three count. Sin Cara also botched a hurricanrana move towards the end of the match and it was heavily edited. The Vaudevillains attack the Lucha Dragons after the match.

^It was a short match to put over the feud of the Dragons and the Villains. Dillinger and Jordan have been treated like enhancement talents more than anything else, but I guess that’s just their role for the time being. Sin Cara(formerly Hunico) looks like he’s gained some weight recently as well. Fun finish to the match as well with that sunset bomb into a victory roll.

Bull Dempsey is shown backstage with CJ Parker. Dempsey wants to humiliate Baron Corbin and Parker says he doesn’t care. Dempsey says it’s not about either one of them but it’s about the greater good.

^That was odd. Dempsey needs some work as a talker.

Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady come out and do their usual promo. They introduce Carmella as she’s the one wrestling tonight with the boys in her corner. Carmella calls herself the most fabulous diva in NXT and a princess from Staton Island as she comes to the ring talking. Amore and Cass then bring down Blue Pants for her third appearance in the NXT arena.

Carmella takes on Blue Pants in a mock match. Blue Pants wins with an upset small package. Carmella tries to beat down Amore after the match but Cass calms her down.

^That was silly, but it managed to piss off Carmella and create a nice comedy segment.

CJ Parker comes down and he’s once again facing Baron Corbin. Corbin wrecks Parker in quick fashion(again) and stares at Bull Dempsey after the match. Corbin and Dempsey brawl after the match as officials try to break them up.

^Another angle more than a match. Third one so far. I love good rivalry builds, but can we get some good wrestling before this ONE HOUR program ends?

William Regal makes an announcement that next week Sami Zayn will return and update us on his health. Curtis Axel walks into the scene backstage and reminds William Regal that he’s beaten Triple H, John Cena and he wants to recharge his career. Regal says if Axel wants to compete in NXT, he can face Hideo Atami next week.

^That should be AWESOME wrestling!

Charlotte comes out for an interview. She talks a good game until Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch come to the ring. They try to intimidate Charlotte but Natalya comes down to even the odds. Lynch and Banks leave.

^Good way to emphasize all the talented female wrestlers in NXT in one segment. Charlotte and Natalya tagging together will be tons of fun for us as fans.

We have a Sami Zayn video recorded himself from home. He’ll be back to say what he needs to say to Kevin Owens.


Renee Young interviews Kevin Owens(old interview). She asks if Owens stole Sami Zayn’s moment from him? Kevin said I didn’t steal anything and Sami Zayn is not a lifelong friend as I’ve known him twelve years and I’m thirty years old so I don’t know where you got your math.

^That was the most intelligent response I’ve ever heard from someone. Love Owens when it comes to his talking ability!

Hideo Atami and Finn Balor take on the Ascension in our main event. Atami pins Viktor after a big spin kick to win the twelve minute main event.

^I like Renee Young and Alex Riley arguing over whether or not it’s important that Balor and Itami are proven all over the world. Fun twelve minute main event with Balor and Atami showing us how amazing they truly are. These are two of the top ten wrestlers in the world as far as I’m concerned. Great main event.

If not for that main event, I’d be quite annoyed with the overall lack of wrestling on the card. I’ll give it a 6.5 out of 10 for being good with storylines and feud enhancement, but also because that main event was just downright fun.

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