ThunderStruck: WWE NXT Analysis Double Dose 03/12 AND 3/19

WWE NXT Analysis 3/12/14

Tensai(Jason Albert or whatever his new name is) and Tom Phillips along with Alex Riley are on commentary.

Sasha Banks w/Charlotte takes on Paige in a non-title match. Paige wins the match with her stretch submission in roughly five and a half minutes. Charlotte jumps Paige after the bell until Natalya comes down for the save.

^If WWE booked the divas as well as they booked the ladies of NXT, people might care more when they’re on television. This was solid wrestling for five minutes and very enjoyable to witness. Paige is truly something special and could make a huge impact on any female wrestling division.

We see footage from last week of the rivalry build and match between Sami Zayn and Corey Graves. We have a backstage exclusive from Zayn talking about Graves where he says he isn’t hard to find.

^That could make for some excellent future matches with two of the best wrestlers in NXT.

Konnor and Viktor(the Ascension) take on Travis Tyler and Cal Bishop. The Ascension win the match in roughly three and a half minutes.

^Your basic squash. I don’t see the appeal in these guys just because of their size; we’ve seen nothing from them in terms of quality wrestling. Viktor is a Lance Storm trainee, and he really doesn’t stand out to me in any way. Hopefully they grow on me(or show us something noteworthy) if they’re going to get a big push in the future.

Mason Ryan takes on some kid in a cowboy cat. Wesley Blake is the real cowboy’s name from San Antonio. Ryan makes quick work of Blake and gets the win.

^That wasn’t pretty. Mason Ryan might have the look that WWE wants, but the dude is sloppy and all over the place. He’s legitimately Batista 2.0 minus any bit of talent that Batista once possessed(this guy doesn’t even sell during the tiny bit of offense that his opponent gets). Boring basics here with nothing fine tuned about it. Get rid of this guy!

Bayley plugs the WWE Network as she’s watching on her tablet. Charlotte and Sasha Banks show up and make fun of her. Bayley makes fun of them and wants a match with Sasha Banks. Natalya shows up and comes to Bayley’s rescue. Charlotte makes fun of Natti. Natti responds back with a line about her Uncle Bret winning the title from Daddy Flair before he went back to WCW in 1992. Love it!

^The incorporation of the old storylines to educate young fans and make us all think a bit is pretty cool. I liked this segment and I love the female wrestling on NXT!

Xavier Woods comes to the ring and he’s very serious. He’s taking on Alexander Rusev but Tyler Breeze comes out instead to be his opponent. Breeze is another Lance Storm trainee for those of you who don’t know, and he was also known as Mike Dalton in FCW(before NXT was the developmental brand) and held the FCW Heavyweight Title(albeit briefly). Breeze wants Woods to let him face Rusev instead so he can get his revenge from the Arrival show. Lana comes out and introduces Rusev. Breeze jumps Woods as Rusev comes to the ring and it’s Rusev taking on a weakened Woods. Rusev crushes Woods and wins a short match.

^WWE has enough big guys. Push the talented ones instead(like Woods). Rusev is beyond boring already and he’s not even officially competing on the main roster. I’m scratching my head after the fail of Ryback and the deflated push of Big E. and wondering why, oh why, is WWE continuing to push “larger than life” athletes who clearly aren’t going to be the next big thing?

Sheamus will be on NXT next week!

Bo Dallas reminds Adrian Neville that he gets his rematch for the title in two weeks. Bo says this feud has to end and the Bo-lievers are sick of Neville. Neville slaps Dallas and then Dallas walks away.

^Bo Dallas is certainly not his brother, and I don’t think he has the charisma to ever be anything beyond a mid-card Razor Ramon-style athlete.

Colin Cassady takes on Bo Dallas. They wrestle a solid eleven minutes and Bo wins the match with a double underhook DDT.

^That was some solid wrestling. If Dallas had the charisma to match his in ring ability, the guy would be golden. He’s a natural ring vet and his matches flow very well. Cassady seems to be quite the up and coming talent for such a big guy. Maybe WWE will get it right with both of these guys. Solid main event.

Final Thoughts: Some squash matches and some great wrestling make this a decent edition of NXT. I give it a seven out of 10.

WWE NXT Analysis 03/19/14

Mojo Rawley(from Alexandria, VA) kicks off NXT and he’s taking on Bull Dempsey). Dempsey is an old school style wrestler who calls himself the last of a dying breed from Brooklyn, NY. Dempsey does some dominating on Mojo early on. Mojo wins the match in roughly three minutes with his typical moveset including a divas rear-view before squashing down on his opponent. Mojo celebrates with Patriots TE and friend, Rob Gronkowski, after the match in the crowd.

^This guy is too much of the typical WWE style face that comes in and dominates. He’s got the similar look to Cena and that worries me because this guy is captain boring. I liked Dempsey’s style in this one and think he’d make a great addition to the Wyatt Family(with some work, of course).

CJ Parker is interviewed backstage about his loss to Mojo Rawley at NXT Arrival. Parker cuts an odd promo and compares Rawley’s hype to fast food. He talks about humanely disposing of Rawley next week on NXT.

^Parker’s a weird guy, but that promo was actually very good. Now if only he could change his hair(I get that it’s part of the character, but it looks disgusting).

Tyler Breeze comes out and he’s taking on Sami Zayn. Corey Graves jumps Zayn before the match and tosses him into the steel ring post.

^Graves could easily be the next CM Punk if WWE wants someone of that style right away.

The refs check on Zayn and determine that he’s not okay to take on Tyler Breeze. No match.

^Well that’s a disappointment not to see Zayn wrestle, but it’s a good storyline to enhance a feud that could deliver some four and maybe even five star matches.

Devin interviews Sheamus. He says he started his journey in NXT, but we all know it was FCW back then. Aiden English interrupts the interview and says he’s using the WWE as a stepping stone to the brighter lights of broadway(The Rock, anyone?). Sheamus says English’s stones haven’t dropped yet judging by his voice, and he’ll see him in the ring for their match later tonight.

^Sheamus has improved leaps and bounds on the microphone over time, and NXT will be a great place for him to help the new talent get better the way he did.

Adam Rose(formerly Leo Kruger) makes his eccentric entrance with his posse. The four announcers are dancing to his entrance. He’s taking on Camacho(son of Meng/Haku). We get Adam Rose chants from the crowd. Rose wins a decent four and a half minute match with a bronco buster style move, a spinebuster and the big clothesline for the three count. Rose dances with his posse at the top of the stage after the match.

^The flamboyancy of Rose is awkward, but the crowd seems to love it. We’ll see what the rest of the WWE Universe thinks if he ever appears on Raw. The match was good, but that’s because Rose is leagues above most of the other NXT competitors in terms of wrestling talent and overall ring awareness.

Sasha Banks w/Charlotte takes on Bayley w/Natalya. Bayley counters a rollup in a solid five and a half minute match into a rollup of her own for the win. Bayley celebrates with Natti after the match and Sasha Banks looks on furiously with Charlotte.

^That was fun. Bayley’s quite the talented young lady, but she looks like a legit twelve year old. I love the continuity of this rivalry between the BFFs and Bayley. It’s probably the most interesting thing WWE has done with female wrestlers since AJ became Raw GM.

Aiden English does his singing routine on his way to the ring. He’s taking on Sheamus. English cuts a promo on Sheamus before the match and says this is the theater that English built. Sheamus asks if anyone believes this man will make it to broadway and the fans chant no. Sheamus then gets the fans clapping while he sings. English takes the mic from Sheamus and he gets pissed and steals the mic back until English jumps him. Sheamus wins an eight minute match with the brogue kick. Sheamus celebrates to end this show.

^English might be obnoxious with the singing, but this guy can go in the ring. Sheamus and English worked a good story and brought out the best in each other. I expect English to do well in his bright looking future.

Thoughts: We had three solid matches and a Rawley squash. I liked this week’s episode better than last week. Call it seven and a half out of ten.

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