ThunderStruck: WWE Raw Analysis 03/17/14

Triple H opens Raw and says he’s going to end Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania, and it will all be the fault of the fans. Hunter says he’s had a week to think about this and he would like to say some things to Daniel Bryan later tonight in the ring. Batista interrupts Triple H and complains about the Daniel Bryan situation. Randy Orton interrupts them next to complain. Hunter says there is no way Daniel Bryan can beat him at WrestleMania. Orton wants Dbry one on one tonight in a no DQ match. Orton says the fans don’t want Batista as World Champion and they exchange insults. Hunter goes off and them and tells them that he’ll be in the main event against them at WrestleMania after he defeats Daniel Bryan. Hunter storms off and Orton nails Batista with an RKO in the ring.

^That was awesome. Batista’s promo work was horrible. Hunter was fantastic and this new scenario is intriguing for WrestleMania.

Cesaro and Jack Swagger take on the Usos in a non title match. Swagger pins Jay after a huge uppercut followed by the neutralizer. Swagger and Cesaro celebrate with Zeb after the match.

^That was an excellent tag team match from start to finish. That uppercut from Cesaro was incredible. I’m assuming they’ll end up splitting the Real Americans before they win any gold, but I enjoy seeing them work together as a tandem.

Kane tells the Shield he needs them to prove that they’re still an assett. They have words.

^I’m picturing these guys ending up in a WrestleMania match together somehow. We’ll see.

Bad News Barrett delivers bad St. Patty’s Day news and interrupts Hornswoggle giving out gifts at ringside. Sheamus comes out for a match with Titus O’Neil and does the poses in the ring with Hornswoggle.

^Apparently we’re supposed to forget that Sheamus lost in the finals of a battle royal against Hornswoggle.

Christian is on commentary for the match between Sheamus and Titus O’Neil. We’re told that Titus O’Neil is entering the Andre the Giant Battle Royal and then Christian enters himself as well. Titus ends up trying to throw Hornswoggle but Sheamus catches him and then clubs Titus. Sheamus then wins the match with the brogue kick.

^That was fun, informative and fitting for the holiday. I enjoyed this one because it was quick and far from boring. Segments like these can work when they’re booked properly.

Renee Young interviews Sheamus in the ring. Sheamus enters himself in the 30 Man Battle Royal at WrestleMania. Christian jumps Sheamus after the match and beats on around ringside before delivering a killswitch on the outside mat.

^That match needs to be on the main card and not the pre show. Sheamus is too big of a star not to be on the main card. I like the intrigue of the Sheamus/Christian feud continuing as I know they can give us more great matches down the line.

John Cena comes out and cuts a promo on Bray Wyatt. He says he’s afraid of Bray Wyatt but he believes in everything he does and WrestleMania is about fighting for everything including his legacy. Bray interrupts him and he’s on the tron with Rowan and Harper. Bray says he doesn’t care what happens to him at WrestleMania as long as the world finally sees John Cena the way he does.

^This is a good storyline. I just hope Hulk Hogan stays away from it even though I’m expecting him to get slightly physical with Rowan and Harper to stop them from interfering at WrestleMania. Great promo work from both Cena and Wyatt(two of the best talkers in WWE anyway).

Randy Orton takes on Daniel Bryan in a no-DQ match. Bryan wins a lengthy match after Batista spears Randy Orton. Dbry knocks Batista out of the ring and pins Orton for the win. Batista nails his finisher on Orton after the match.

^That was damn good action from these guys. I don’t like the finish, but the story works out well as it relates to the potential Mania match. I fully expect these three to be the main event of the show. Orton and Dbry have never had a bad match together, and they probably never will. What does both me is the fact that WWE wants us to forget about the other times(Raw last year for example) that Dbry has pinned Orton in the past as they make it out to be a big deal that Bryan has pinned the champion now.

Paul Heyman comes out and plays a video for us with “proof” that Brock Lesnar will end the streak. He says Lesnar will conquer death himself at WrestleMania.

^Proof or not, the streak isn’t ending, but the match should be highly physical and fun to see.

Triple H and Stephanie are shown arguing backstage about his decision earlier tonight. He says he’ll take care of it and she says “you better” in her lovely tone.

^Stephanie has the best bitch role on television. Nobody does it better, but her voice whenever she gets angry sounds like she might be a chronic cigarette smoker.

Fandango takes on Goldust. Dango misses the top rope leg drop and falls victim to the final cut as Goldy gets the win.

^Well that was fast, but at least it wasn’t Santino taking on Fandango AGAIN. I liked this one, and I like the fact that you can mix a veteran like Goldust with a youngster like the former Johnny Curtis and still get something pretty entertaining.

Kane comes out and wants to make an example of Jerry Lawler for helping with the occupy Raw movement in Memphis last week. Kane calls out the Shield to help him, but they attack Kane and beat him down with the triple powerbomb.

^So the Shield are faces, or they’re just anti-Kane/authority at this point? Regarless, it’s intriguing to see what they come up for the three and Kane for WrestleMania. Kane is another long term veteran working with these younger guys, and it’s pretty cool to see. Just imagine that Kane actually started wrestling when these guys were three and four years old.

Cameron and Naomi take on AJ Lee and Tamina. The Bellas do commentary during the match. Naomi pins AJ after a moonsault for the win. AJ and Tamina argue after the match and Tamina ends up shoving AJ.

^Tamina and AJ having issues is AWESOME. We all saw it coming, and it always happens with bodyguards, but that NEVER stops me from enjoying the breakdown. Let’s hope Tamina gets that gold before the year is over.

Mr. T is the next inductee in the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2014.

^He had more of a WWE influence than Carlos Colon or Drew Carey, so props to him for being involved in the first two WrestleManias. He definitely belongs in the history books. I still liked him better in Rocky III.

We have a four on four tag team match. It’s Big Show, Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler and Big E. against Ryback, Curtis Axel, Alberto Del Rio and Damien Sandow. Big Show chokeslams and pins Sandow for the win.

^Apparently these eight are booked for the Memorial Battle Royal at Mania, but even if they aren’t it was still nice to see them all on Raw together. So much talent in one place! I’d be disappointed if Big Show ended up winning just because he’s large like Andre was. Let Big E. or Ziggler win it!

Batista tells Renee Young he’s winning the title at WrestleMania.

^Let’s hope this isn’t true. If it is, New Orleans might riot.

Bray Wyatt defeats Kofi Kingston in a short match with the sister abigail.

^Didn’t this JUST happen on Smackdown? Yup. Gotta love the lack of originality here. Bray’s momentum is going to be big headed towards Mania, but he really needs more of a variety of opponents until then.

Triple H calls out Daniel Bryan. He wants to make peace with Bryan and offers a handshake. Bryan refuses. Hunter says anyone else would’ve taken their ball and gone home with all that he put him through(Punk reference) but Dbry didn’t and he respects that. Hunter says Dbry has earned his respect and goes to leave. Stephanie comes out instead and she’s not happy. She sends cops to the ring to arrest Dbry for the illegal act he commited last week. Dbry gets cuffed but then Hunter kicks the “cops” out of the ring. Hunter then beats down Dbry himself. Hunter beats him down all over ringside as Stephanie slaps Dbry and does mocking yes chants. Hunter nails a pedigree, hits Dbry with a microphone and then kisses Stephanie as the show ends.

^Focusing the main story on Daniel Bryan is the obvious thing to do, and this week it was Hunter’s turn to stand tall after what we saw in Memphis. I loved this ending and can’t wait to see what sort of match these two have at WrestleMania. Awesome finish to a solid Raw!

The show was good across the board, but the best match(Orton/Dbry) was something we’ve seen a dozen times already. I give it a 5.5/10 for being good, but it just didn’t have enough excitement or fresh booking(with long enough matches) for me to score it any higher.

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