ThunderStruck: WWE Smackdown Analysis 03/14/14

Triple H kicks off Smackdown. He says he will end the yes movement at WrestleMania. Hunter brings out Damien Sandow and scolds him for not doing his job during the occupy Raw segment with Daniel Bryan. Sandow will be facing Seth Rollins right now.

^I like seeing Hunter on Smackdown; it makes the show feel almost as important as Raw. Sandow and Rollins are both excellent in ring performers with two different styles, so this should be enjoyable.

Rollins hits the black out(curb stomp) for the win on Sandow in a short match. The Shield nail the triple powerbomb on Sandow after the match.

^Like the booking or not, I’m happy to see Sandow back on my tv screen. The Shield are all of a sudden on the same page, and it looks like the creative booking direction has shifted a bit for the trio. I suspect the breakup will probably wait until after WrestleMania now.

Big E. defeats Fandango with the big ending in a short match.

^Both these guys are in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, and the IC Title continues to float in irrelevant territory. Did I mention how much that infuriates me?

Bad News Barrett tells us the streak is going to end at WrestleMania.

^No, it’s not. WWE tries their hardest to make us think there is some chance Taker will lose every year, but he never does and this year will be no different.

Bray Wyatt defeats Kofi Kingston with a sister abigail.

^He beat him at BattleGround roughly seven months ago, and he beat him this time as well. Go figure. Kofi is too talented not to be maintaining legitimate rivalries. Can anyone else see a heel Kofi challenging Big E. for the IC Title and giving us some unique wrestling matches? I could, but apparently the creative minds that script this stuff aren’t on board.

The Shield have words with Kane backstage.

^All this tension makes me think they’re leading to something at Mania. I mean, we’re only a couple weeks away and things need to get moving.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust defeat Jack Swagger and Cesaro. Cody gets a backslide on Swagger for the win after Swagger argues with Cesaro. Swagger and Cesaro beat down Cody and Goldust after the match. The Usos come down for the save and the Real Americans leave.

^So many tag teams and so many possible splits, but alas it appears that none of those will be happening right away. That’s okay though. Now we can get some great tag team matches again(and who is going to complain about them?).

Nikki Bella defeats Tamina in a short match when AJ fails to successfully interefere on Tamina’s behalf.

^Tamina will turn on AJ eventually, but would they wait and do it at Mania where it could cost AJ the title? My problem with the Diva booking is simple. AJ was on fire with popularity as Raw GM, and then she got the belt and was still on fire. Then they stopped booking her strong. They just sort of flopped it all and no one cared. What happened? If it’s confusing for me and I’m a hardcore dedicated fan, then the common fan must be really lost if they miss a week or two of the shows.

Dolph Ziggler defeats Alberto Del Rio with the zig zag. We learn that both men will be in the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal.

^I don’t see Ziggler getting back in the main event scene, but he certainly deserves to be here. Del Rio and Ziggler consistently give us matches that are two and a half stars or better(depending on the length), but neither guy has sniffed a World Title in quite a few months. I understand only having one World Title and so many spots, but can’t we at least TRY to make them feel relevant(I guess they are with the Battle Royal, but that all depends on how it’s booked). Solid match here.

Carlos Colon is the newest inductee in the 2014 Hall of Fame Class.

^WWE is apparently purchasing part of the WWC(World Wrestling Council) video library, and part of the negotiations involved the father of Primo and Carlito getting inducted(as he owns the WWC) into the WWE Hall of Fame. I guess it makes sense, but I don’t much care for anything involving politics.

Kane takes on Big Show. The Shield refuse to help Kane during the match and Big Show wins with a chokeslam. Kane tries to attack Seth Rollins after the match but gets speared by Reigns to end the show.

^It’s still incredible to me that Kane can perform at such a high level at the age of 46. The guy is just a beast. The ending of Smackdown has me a hundred and ten percent convinced that WrestleMania will feature a match involving Kane and some of the Shield.

This was a decent episode of Smackdown. Nothing was amazing, but everything was solid across the board. Call it six out of ten.

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