Thursday’s Impact Rating, TNA Supports Red Cross Disaster Relief

– TNA announced via press release that they have presented a check for $6,700 to support the Red Cross Disaster Relief, including ongoing recovery efforts across the Northeast a year after Hurricane Sandy. Dixie Carter posted a photo of James Storm and herself presenting the Red Cross in Nashville with a check:

Dixie and Storm Red Cross

– Thursday’s Final Resolution episode of Impact Wrestling scored a 1.06 cable rating, down from last week’s 1.11 rating. The episode averaged 1.240 million viewers, down from last week’s season-high 1.318 million viewers.

On cable TV Thursday night, Impact ranked #42 in overall viewers.

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  • Jay

    TNA must learn that us wrestling fans knew the result.That will hurt its ratings

    • Louisa Baton

      It wasn’t their idea for us to know. I hate the unfair spoiler alerts. It’s really bias. WWE makes you click on to see while they posted the main event results in the opening statement on the front page. I wonder how nice WWE would be if someone did that to them?