Tim Tebow Responds to Vince McMahon’s Invitation To Play in the XFL, Would He Be Open to a Raw Appearance?


When Vince McMahon held a teleconference to discuss the launch of the XFL in 2020, the WWE Chairman notably welcomed former NFL player Tim Tebow to play in the relaunch of the league.

Tebow recently appeared on the “Off the Board” podcast, and below are some interview highlights regarding a potential XFL future for the former NFL Quarterback.

SI.com: When Vince McMahon announced the return of the XFL, everyone on Twitter wanted you and Johnny Manziel in the league. Were you aware of that?

Tebow: I’ve had a lot of people ask me about it, but I didn’t know those were the two things on Twitter. I can’t say I follow it that closely.

SI.com: On his conference call, McMahon said you’d be welcome in the league. Have you thought about seeing what happens when that league launches?

Tebow: That’s very nice of him, but 2020 is a long way from now. I’m focused on today, I’m focused on spring training and a lot of things before that. I’m not even close to thinking about that right now.

SI.com: So that’s not a “no” or a “yes.”

Tebow: What if it’s a “I have no idea?” That’s in 2020 and I’m super excited about baseball.

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