THE TITUS BRAND – I Gotta Get Signed!

Aligning yourself with the right brand is key to setting yourself up for long term success and prolonged marketability.  Go ahead and ask yourself, what would Michael Jordan be without his association to Nike?  Would he still be considered the greatest of all time?  Yea, probably, but what if instead of Nike, it was Reebok that was associated with the Jump Man?  Would it be the same?  Maybe, maybe not. The list goes on and on.  Another example is Under Armor. Whenever I hear or see the logo, my wrestling spider sense instantly goes off to make me think about The Rock and his never ending line of workout gear.  I own five shirts!  That’s called brand association and recognition, people!

So basically what I’m trying to get at is that I need to get sponsored, and at the moment, there is only one brand out there that encapsulates who I am and whose mission statement speaks to me on multiple levels.  Of course, I’m referring to The Titus Brand!

I am absolutely loving what Titus O’Neil has been doing over the past few months.  What started off as heel comedic relief has become one of the better traveling gimmicks in the WWE.  Much like the Fashion Files, The Titus Brand delivers the form of entertainment that the WWE has lacked for some time – off the cuff and original. Say what you want, but it wasn’t until Apollo Crews signed with the Titus Brand that I started to have a vesting interest in him.  It’s because of The Titus Brand that I say to myself “where does this go for Crews?” and “what’s next?”.  If we’re being honest, the association to the brand is completely responsible for the first glimpse of relevancy to Crews’ character, something the WWE has failed to do since he was called up to the main roster.

Also, let’s not forget about the fact that O’Neil’s success isn’t just within the Universe of the WWE, it’s everywhere!  He does countless charity initiatives, is a former Florida Gator, an AFL Alumnus and the 2015 MEGA Dad Of The Year.  If this guy isn’t the model of success, well then I don’t know what is!  But out of all of his achievements, I’d have to say that the biggest of all has been his consistency in getting the on-air announcers to crack up and laugh while live.  Don’t believe me?  Go back and listen closely to this past Monday’s RAW when he refers to New Jersey as a “Dirty … Filthy .. Nasty .. (stumbles on words) … DIRTY. FILTHY. NASTY … DISGUSTING, Home State of New Jerseeyyyyy.”  It ain’t every week that you hear the announcers get caught completely off-guard, but Titus makes it look quite routine.  That right there is talent you “can’t teach”.  Just one of the many unique qualities of The Titus Brand!

So let’s bring this piece full circle.  Let’s get down to brass tacks.  Much like Crews, I’m looking to expand my portfolio as well, but to do it I need someone to show me the way.  I need The Titus Brand.  I mean seriously, the guy’s theme song is literally “Makin’ Moves, Makin’ Moves, Makin’ Million Dollars Moves”.   What more can a pro wrestling fan with big dreams ask for?

As for my credentials …

I got the 2016 Rock The Promo Contest underneath my belt, so if you need me to cut some verbal heat on some jabronis, I’m your guy.  I work in Ad Tech, so I’m an expert when it comes to that internet gimmick.  Want to know how the internet knows what you’re thinking?  I got your answers.  As for the rest, well, I’ll save that for my pitch.  Ya gotta leave them wanting something, right?

The Titus Brand.  Where do I sign?




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My belief is that everything in life in some way, shape or form can be related back to pro wrestling. I was featured on Season 1 of The Rock's YouTube Contest, ROCK THE PROMO as my character "The Vacation". Follow me: Twitter: @thenickbuono Instagram: @thenickbuono
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    Awesome article! Love your editorials nick!