Titus O’Neil Announces Plans to Open Florida Public School Following in the Footsteps of LeBron James


Titus O’Neil has been at the forefront of WWE’s charitable outreach for years, and it looks like the Raw Superstar is taking his civic duty to the next level.

The former tag team champion noted on Instagram this weekend that he has been speaking with the Hillsborough County Public School system in Florida, in conjunction with his own family’s charitable foundation, with the hopes of opening a free school for at-risk children.

O’Neil apparently got the idea from fourteen-time NBA All-Star LeBron James, who just this summer opened the I Promise School in Akron, OH. The school provides classes and support circles for at-risk children, as well as GED courses and job assistance for the parents.

Titus stated the following:

“Just finished up a phone convo with my Bullard Family Foundation and Hillsborough County Public School folks with hopes of moving forward with plans to start a public school similar to [LeBron James] which will provide free tuition, uniforms, transportation, food pantry, adult education services and more! When you take the limits off the possible it opens a highway to the possibilities! I’m just an ordinary guy, with an extraordinary vision to duplicate the love and efforts that were used to get me to where I am today as a man!”

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