Titus O’Neil On Batista Helping Him Break In, His Suspension & Always Making Sure He Has Work


Titus O’Neil was a guest on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast this week and he discussed how Batista helped him break into wrestling and his suspension from WWE. Below are some highlights from the interview, and you can hear the entire podcast by clicking here.

Batista Helping Him Break In

“He is still the same dude, which is why we remain close, he is an uncle to my kids, nothing has changed (since Batista broke into Hollywood). One day I was driving to South Tampa to get some dress shoes which was down the street from FCW, I happened to drive past the building and Dave had told me about it if I ever wanted the chance. I picked it up and asked Dave and I said I would poke my head in the back door and two weeks later I was in the building bumping.”

His WWE Suspension

“I guess I touched the boss in an inappropriate way at an inappropriate time, I am not too sure. I literally legit said ladies first as I was trying to let Stephanie go, I didn’t think it was a big deal but it was. The number one saying at the time was Vince is racist, that is not the truth. If he was racist I would not be part of this company, simple as that.

“Quite honestly, me and Vince have a very good relationship, he has provided a living for myself and many people before more in all walks of life, from backstage people to people sitting at home in their living rooms he has provided an escape. Secondly, do I feel like it could have been handled differently, first of all, I probably could have done something different myself, who knows, but at the end of the day that happened two years ago and I am still here today.” 

Always Making Sure He Has Work

“I am a two-time college graduate, I could go into a million different things, I have invested my money very well, if I come to work and they say I have a match, great, if not I will go to Dot Com and see what I can do on social media. I didn’t come to do nothing and eat catering and pay for a hotel, I have two sons at home and I am missing football games and birthday parties. I would be a fool not to come to work every day and find something that I can do to make myself better and enhance the product.”

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