Titus O’Neil Reveals Batista Is Nervous For WrestleMania 35, Jokes About His WWE Raw Promo


Titus O’Neil recently spoke to Gorilla Position ahead of WrestleMania 35 where he gave his opinions on Batista’s return match against Triple H.

O’Neil, who is very close friends with The Animal gave some insight into how Batista is feeling for tomorrow, admitting that there are nerves:

“I know he is definitely excited but extremely nervous at the same time. He hasn’t been in the ring in about 5 years so he was a little concerned about being rusty, but he’s in there with a professional in Triple H and they’ve gone to battle several times before. He has competed at this level on numerous occasions and once he gets over the pre-match jitters I think it will be one hell of a fight and he is definitely going in there to end the career of Triple H!”

O’Neil also spoke about Batista’s infamous, “Give Me What I Want” promo from WWE Raw:

“I mean, it was what it was. I joked with about it a little bit and I ask him everyone once in a while, I send him a text and ask him “what do you really want?” It’s funny because we are in an era where everything you do on television can be memed and cloned and put a remix to, He’s got a little bit of the Titus O’Neil treatment with that one from the Titus Worldslide.”

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