TMZ Covers Nancy Grace/WWE ‘Ban’, Piper Shoots (Video)

— TMZ on TV covered WWE’s bad blood and threats to cut off anyone who appears on Nancy Grace’s show today. As we reported, WWE is doing so in reaction to Grace’s hack piece on the Ultimate Warrior’s death where she included the likes of Owen Hart and others among a list of wrestlers she claimed were attributable to drugs and steroids.

— Here is Roddy Piper in a trailer for Kayfabe Commentaries’ Timeline: History of WWE – 1984 video. Piper talks about Vince not having respect for him when he first came in, the birth of Piper’s Pit, the coconut incident with Jimmy Snuka and more. He also talks about how Pat Patterson doesn’t like him and makes an allusion to an incident with Patterson when Piper was younger that made him feel awkward:


  • Jeff Rittenour

    they seemed to be ok on Legends House lol