TNA Asks Hogan Fan to Remove His Gear, BFG Attendance, More

– A WWE employee who attended TNA’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view in San Diego said they had a great time and noted attendance was actually good because with Rey Mysterio out of action, WWE was afraid to run TV tapings in San Diego for fear of a small crowd, so the city was only getting live events. The pay-per-view drew just 2,622 fans.

It was noted by another fan in attendance that there were more WWE t-shirts in the crowd than TNA t-shirts but the merchandise stand was packed and they were selling a lot of Aces & 8s vests.

– The man in the Hulk Hogan outfit at Bound For Glory is named George Antoun. George is from Australia and was the subject of a mini-documentary on Hogan and his fandom. A TNA employee approached George during the pay-per-view and said the producers didn’t like that he was all over the TV. They told him to please take the Hogan gear off and that they would give him a Hernandez t-shirt to wear instead. George was already upset they confiscated his Hogan sign so he told them no. TNA staffers pleaded with him to change the gear but he refused and eventually they gave up on asking him.

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  • Ralph Ramos

    I was there. I saw the guy. He was sitting in the first row and was on TV a couple of times during matches. There were a lot of CM Punk and Hulk Hogan fans wearing their t-shirts. I also saw a couple of Macho Man fans.
    San Diego has always been WWE country, until WCW and the NWO came in and held events at that same Viejas Arena. Once they fizzled out, San Diego became WWE country again, like WCW never existed.
    What I saw was pure wrestling fans that didn’t care who was there, but wanted to watch 1st Class pro wrestling, and TNA didn’t disappoint. They put on probably the best show I’ve ever attended in San Diego. FOUR TITLE CHANGES! I never saw even one in San Diego, or LA. I told my wife that since it was her 1st wrestling event, she hit the wrestling jackpot. AAA when they had Rey Mysterio a while back comes a close second, and TNA left San Diego fans wondering if they’ll ever return.

  • Mike Arienti

    I would’ve told them I don’t see any dress code on my ticket or on the arena walls so they can forget it.

  • Dan Iacovelli

    thats like the one guy who dress up like hogan back in the 90s and shows up in ppvs and tv tapings (I saw that guy at ecw arnacy rulz ppv in villa park)