TNA Drops Todd Keneley from Impact Wrestling Announce Team

Todd Keneley has been dropped from the TNA’s announce team, according to a report by PWInsider.

Starting this Thursday night, the Impact broadcast team will be returning to a 2-man crew, with Mike Tenay and Tazz calling the event.

Keneley was informed of the decision at Sunday’s Slammiversary pay-per-view. He was brought in to the company back in October by Eric Bischoff and has been working for TNA without a contract.

The door is open for Keneley to return one day, if they find a role for him. TNA was not unhappy with his work, however, the decision was made to streamline the announce team and Keneley was the odd man out.

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  • Jay

    Other bad idea by B****off.This guy just wasn’t good but hopefully for his sake he can work on his craft in the Indy circuit.He seems like a guy so I wish him the best of luck

  • Jeff Newman

    Tenay was bad in WCW and worse in TNA without Heenan. If this is a streamlined announce team, it’s no wonder they can’t get better ratings.

    • disqus_aQLuuyL0Hv

      Anybody is better than Don West, but I don’t know I think Tenay is a pretty good announcer, I think they should try and sign a guy like Joey Styles he’s cool

    • allan mccann

      ya cause people dont watch wrestling if there announcer suck sright?…

  • allan mccann

    i like tenay hes the heart of tna, hes called all the great matches too and does a great job