TNA iMPACT Results – 5/1/14


Q1] A video package hilighted the match outcomes from the Sacrifice PPV. Bully Ray was then shown as he spray painted a table. They cut to Eric Young, who said that nobody throught he’d win the TNA Championship. He walked up to MVP backstage, who said that before he got there, TNA had no level playing field. He commented on Eric Young calling out challengers, and Young said fans deserve somebody they can believe it. He told MVP he wants the party to continue, and he wanted to defend the title tonight. MVP said he had something in mind.

They did a quick cut, and then Gunner, Roode and Anderson walked into the room. MVP said they would draw cards to determine a guantlet tonight. The highest card gets a bye in the first round, the next two guys have to wrestle two matches to get the title shot. Anderson drew a four, as did Gunner. Roode drew an ace, so he got a bye. Gunner and Anderson would have a match, then the winner takes on Roode, and the winner of that match takes on EY for the TNA Championship. They all talked trash to each other, and then they cut to the ring as Magnus made his entrance in the suit.

Magnus demanded that MVP come out to the ring and explain why he wasn’t in the picture for the TNA Title. Abyss entered from the ringside area through the crowd, and he and Magnus brawled around the ring. Abyss missed a chair shot to the head, but hit a choke slam in the ring. He then retrieved the chair from ringside, as the crowd chanted for Janice. He grabbed Janice from under the ring, which gave Magnus enough time to escape up the ramp.

Taz and Tenay plugged a Beautiful People celebration, and Storm vs. Willow for later in the show. Bully Ray’s music then hit, and he headed to the ring with a table in hand, presumably the one he painted earlier. He showed Dixie’s name painted on the table, and set it up in a corner of the ring. Ray explained what Dixie had done on Sunday, and said he had a fractured rib, but he was still standing. He said he might not be as big or as bad as he used to be, but he’s tough as nails and it would take more than some ugly woman like her to end his career. Ray then said if he sees Dixie tonight in the building, she is going through that table.

Backstage, Dixie pulled up in a limo, and headed into the building while talking on the phone…[c]

[Q2] Backstage, Spud ran into Dixie at catering, and tried to cover her up with a trash bag. Dixie blew him off and said that she didn’t even break a sweat putting him through a table on Sunder. Spud was shocked that she was so confident, and told her the table had her name on it. Dixie walked off and ignored his warnings. Anderson’s music hit and he performed his usual entrance shtick. They showed footage of Anderson getting Samuel Shaw committed at Sacrifice. Gunner made his entrance, and he got his own footage from his win from this past Sunday.

1. Gunner vs. Mr. Anderson: They wrestled to a stalemate early without either guy being able to do any real damage. They traded holds and reversals for a bit until Gunner hit a fallaway slam and played to the crowd. He climbed to the top, but James Storm ran up and climbed in the apron, which caused Gunner to climb down and hit a forearm shot. Anderson took over for a bit, but Gunner reversed an irish whip, which caused Storm to hit Anderson with a kick to the back of the head by mistake. Gunner hit his finisher and that was that.

Gunner defeated Mr. Anderson at 3:58.

Backstage, Magnus was packing his bags backstage when a friend of his walked up. I think he called him “Bram”, and his friend said they had to talk…[c]

Bram told Magnus that he was there to knock some sense into him. He told him he was an embarrassment to his friends, his family, and the UK. He asked him if he remembered the booze and the women and the fights they got into. He told him he’d gone soft, and Magnus told him to watch it. Bram grabbed his collar and told him he was there for his own good.

[Q3] They cut to the ring with EC3 already in it, and he said in seven days he has a dream match for himself, the fans and his opponent. He said in seven days he goes one on one with Kurt Angle. Carter then said the match was supposed to take place at Lockdown, but he hurt him before they could get there. He then said he’s happy Angle is back, because he needs that match to prove himself professionally and personally. He claimed he has never been pinned or submitted, and he’s not going to start now. He then claimed he was 288-0 at Boca Raton Prep academy. Carter then said he would have an exhibition match tonight to tune his skills, and needed a sparring partner that was strong like a lion and quick like a gazelle. He then introduced Rockstar Spud…

Spud came down to the ring in a blue singlet, and they warned the crowd that accidents can happen in exhibition matches, so don’t try this at home. There was no official bell, but they just rolled around doing some amateur holds. The crowd shouted at both of them as if they were partners, and EC3 played into it by telling Spud to assume the position. He got down on all fours and Carter mounted him in an amateur wrestling starting position. Kurt Angle then made his entrance and had a microphone in hand.

Angle guaranteed that he would end Carter’s undefeated streak, and said he would snap Carter’s ankle in the ankle lock. He told Carter to prepare for the pain to begin in 7 days, because it’s real…..damn real. Backstage, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky said they would have an epic celebration next…[c]

They replayed the video package from Sunday where Knux named his girlfriend Rebel, and said they were bringing The Freak and Crazy Steve with them. Carnival music then played and a graphic said that the Menagerie will debut next week. Just what TNA needed, Carneys!

[Q4] Gunner made his ring entrace, followed by Bobby Roode.

2. Bobby Roode vs. Gunner: They brawled early on and Gunner got the best of it. He hit a nice back body drop, and then dropped a headbutt for a two count. Roode begged off, and then tripped Gunner and sent him to the outside. Roode followed and they brawled around the ringside area. Roode tossed Gunner into the ring steps, and then climbed back in the ring to break the count. Roode pushed Gunner back into the ring and covered for a near fall.

Roode remained in control and hit a blockbuster on Gunner from the top rope. He applied a hold in the middle of the ring and taunted the crowd. Gunner fired back with some axe handles and hit a running high knee, and set up for Hanger 18. Roode raked the eyes to escape, but Gunner hit a quick DDT for a good near fall. Roode tried for the Roode Bomb, but Gunner escaped and hit a suplex. Gunner fired up with headbutts in the corner, but missed a top rope headbutt. Roode followed up with the Roode Bomb for the win.

Bobby Roode defeated Gunner at 5:51.

Backstage, Dixie Carter walked with security backstage and told them to set up a table in the middle of the ring. She then told them that they are not to leave her side tonight…[c]

Backstage, Angelina Love received a letter, and read it to Velvet. The letter said they must dress more conservatively, or face consequences from the TNA Board of directors. Angelina said they would put on evening gowns, and go out to the ring and have their party. She then said that by the end of the celebration, nobody will know what they will be wearing.

Dixie Carter then made her entrance with her security team. Footage was shown of her appearance in drag at Sacrifice. She asked the crowd if they knew who she was, and reminded everyone that she put Bully Ray through a table at Sacrifice. She asked Bully if he thought she would so easily forget what he did to her at Lockdown. She then bragged about being the first woman to put Bully, the master of tables, though a table. She claimed she was no intimidated or afraid of Bully Ray’s threats of putting her through a table. She said it should be the other way around, and Bully should fear Dixie Carter.

[Q5] Bully then interrupted, and asked Dixie if she could hear that the entire world wants to see him put her through a table. He asked Dixie and the crowd if you really think he fears her, and the crowd cheered no. He then asked if they thought she feared him, and they said yes. Bully then addressed security and asked if they really wanted to get in between him and Dixie Carter. He told them to walk away, and said deep down they wanted to see him put her through a table. The crowd chanted walk away, and the four guards outside the ring left.

Bully then told the three guards in the ring that he would count to five, and if they were still there, he would beat the crap out of every single one of them. After that, he would put Dixie through a table. Bully played to the crowd and then jumped in the ring. The security team swarmed him, but he eventually broke free and layed them all out. He pointed at Dixie, but she stood her ground. She went to slap him, but he grabbed her hand.

MVP’s music hit, and he told Bully enough. He told Dixie to get out of his ring, and told them enough was enough in regards to their personal feud. MVP told them that until further notice, both of them are barred from the Impact Zone…[c]

Willow made his entrance with his $500 Umbrella. He was followed by James Storm with his theme song version of “Run On”.

3. Willow vs. James Storm: Storm controlled the pace early and hit a body slam. He then went after the knee of Willow by wrapping his legs up in the ropes. He went for Iron Storm, but Willow fired back with an atomic drop and a back elbow in a corner. Willow did his signature corner kick and then hit a modified twist of fate that sent Storm out of the ring. He then followed up with a twisting baseball slide. On the outside, Willow splashed Storm against the guard rail, and then grabbed a chair. He went to splat Storm on the steel steps using a chair, but Storm got out of the way.

[Q6] Willow grabbed his umbrella, and Storm got himself intentionally disqualified by shoving the ref. He then broke a beer bottle and tried to attack Willow with it. Willow hit him with the umbrella, and then grabbed the broken bottle from the ground. He chased Storm up the ramp into Mr. Anderson, who hit him with the mic check on the ramp.

Willow defeated James Storm via DQ at 4:09.

Backstage, The Bromans complained about their match to MVP, and he eventually got tired of their whining and made a six man match for next. Bully Ray walked up and asked MVP what his job was. He reminded MVP that he wouldn’t be Director of Operations if it wasn’t for him. MVP told Ray that what happens in the ring is his responsibility, but what happens outside the ring is not…[c]

Eric Young was interviewed backstage, and said he and Bobby Roode have a lot of history. They’ve been partners and enemies, and they were both in Team Canada together. He said they both know each other better than anyone, and they would find out who the better man is later. DJ Z came out and introduced Bro Mans, and claimed they were at a disadvantage on Sunday. Bro Mans made their entrance, followed by the Wolves and Sanada.

4. The Wolves and Sanada vs. Bro Mans and DJ Z: The Bell rang, but things immediately broke down. BroMans and Z got tossed to the outside, and then they got splashed by The Wolves and Sanada. Back in the ring, all three members of the babyface team beat on Robbie E. The ref forced Davey and Sanada out of the ring, and that let BroMans isolate and triple team Eddie Edwards.

It didn’t last long, as he escaped and tagged in Davey, who came in and destroyed DJ Z. He hit a kick to the head and an exploder suplex, but Robbie broke up the pin. More breakdowns everywhere, and all three members of the face team hit finishers off the top rope. The Wolves hit double stomps, and Sanada hit a Moonsault. Davey covered for the win.

The Wolves and Sanada defeated Bro Mans and DJ Z at 3:39.

Angelina Love and Velvet Sky had their evening gowns on and, said they would show us all how real champions celebrate…[c]

[Q7] The Beautiful people made their silhouette entrance and strutted to the ring in their little black dresses. Angelina mentioned the letter she received from the TNA Board of Directors, and said they were to dress more appropriately. They said they don’t take orders from anyone, and if the boards thinks they won’t do something, they will. Angelina said they would take it all off right now. They danced around for a minute and didn’t really take anything off.

They got sarcastic and said that they wrote the letter, and they would never show off their goodies. She said the crowd couldn’t get a girl like them if they showed up in Vegas with a fistful of fifties. Angelina said they should all hail the greatest knockouts champion of all time, her. Gail Kim then interrupted and said they were making a mockery of the division she helped build. She told them that they promised this crowd they would strip down, and she would strip them of everything.

Gail hit both of the Beautiful people, and they retreated up the ramp. Brittany and Madison were at the top of the ramp, and ripped their dresses off them to reveal their bras and panties. Backstage, Bobby Roode was shown walking towards the ring…[c]

Tenay and Taz plugged Angle vs. EC3 for next week, as well as The Wolves vs. Bro Mans in a ladder match and the debut of The Menagerie. Eric Young made his entrance. Bobby Roode was already in the ring.

[Q8] 5. Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young for the TNA Heavyweight Championship: They traded holds and reversals early on, and then traded shoulder blocks and arm drags. They then both traded haymakers until EY hit a drop kick that sent Roode to ringside. He then followed up with a baseball slide that sent Roode into the guard rail…[c]

Roode tossed EY over the top rope to the floor. Roode pursued and sent EY into the steel steps. He then tossed EY back into the ring and applied a full nelson. Young slipped out and hit a flying forearm. He hit a belly to belly suplex a moment later, and Roode retreated to ringside. EY then splashed him with a suicide dive. He then threw Roode back into the ring and hit a top rope missile drop kick for a near fall. EY called for his piledriver, but Roode countered into a pin for a two count. EY got a crucifix pin for a two count of his own.

Roode hit a spinebuster for another near fall, and then both men took some time to get to their feet. Roode got up first, and then set up for the Roode Bomb, but EY escaped. Young missed a cross body, and Roode climbed to the second rope. Young caught him with a kick coming off the ropes, and hit a piledriver for a near fall. EY then climbed to the top rope, but Roode got up and hit the ropes to crotch Young in the corner. He followed up with a Roode Bomb for a close near fall.

Both men traded haymakers in the ring until Roode hit an eziguri that staggered EY. Roode picked him up onto the ropes and they brawled up on the ropes. EY eventually knocked Roode down, and followed up with a top rope elbow drop for the win.

Eric Young defeated Bobby Roode at 13:30.

EY offered his hand to Roode after the match, and picked him up from the corner to show some sportsmanship. Backstage, Bully Ray was asked what he would do now that he was banned from the Impact Zone. He said he would do the only logical thing, and that was to go to Nashville, Tennessee…

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