TNA iMPACT! Results – 7/17/14


The show opens with Kurt Angle welcoming us from New York City. Angle says the fans asked for it and here it is, the six sided ring is back. Taz is shown in the crowd in the upper deck. Taz puts over Kurt Angle because Angle knows how important wrestling is. Taz says he was fortunate enough to be apart of the greatest wrestling revolution of all time, ECW. An ECW chant breaks out. Taz compares today’s TNA locker room to the ECW locker room of old and says they have that same look. “The mood is about to change. Beat me if you can. Survive if I let you”. Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer are headed to the ring. Bully appreciates the crowd approval and says that is why NYC is the greatest wrestling city on the planet. Bully says he made a promise to the fans that he would put Dixie Carter through a table. The crowd chants we want tables. Bully asks them if they are sure. Tables you’re gonna get.

Tommy Dreamer takes the mic and has a 1997 reflection of him and the ECW boys getting their first time national exposure in this building. Dreamer says he is blessed to have the fans by his side for supporting them for their entire careers. Dreamer says there are changes being made and this feels like a new madhouse of the extreme. Dreamer puts over the young talent in the locker room.

Rhino and Ethan Carter III come to the ring. EC3 says that it will be over his dead body that his Aunt Dixie Carter will be put through a table. EC3 says that Bully has been unsuccessful at putting Dixie through a table twice already. The third time will be unsuccessful as well.

The crowd chants “You sold out” at Rhino. EC3 says that ECW stands for “Ethan pays Cash Well” to Rhino. Dreamer says that New York has never been politically correct and that TNA is not a PG product. Dreamer says that the one thing he would like to see change in professional wrestling is less talking and more action. With that Dreamer and Bully attack.


Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer vs Ethan Carter III & Rhino
Back from commercial and the match is in progress. Bully is working over EC3 in the corner. Tag to Dreamer. Suplex by Dreamer. Bully tags back in. Neck breaker by Bully on EC3 for a two count. Dreamer tags back in. Rhino tags in. Rhino pounds Dreamer down to the mat. Rhino clotheslines Dreamer and tags EC3 in for the double team on Dreamer. EC3 misses an elbow drop. Dreamer tags Bully in for the double-team on EC3. Bully pulls Rhino into the ring. Bully and Dreamer mount Rhino and EC3 in opposite corners for top turn buckle ten punches to the head. Rockstar Spud comes to ringside and distracts Dreamer. Bully chases Spud around the ring. Back in the ring EC3 chops the chest of dreamer. Rhino tags in and sends Dreamer with authority into the corner. Rhino with a spine-buster on Dreamer for a two count. EC3 tagged back in and snap suplexes Dreamer for a one count. Dreamer with a boot to the face of EC3 and sends him face first into the corner. Bully tags in and clotheslines EC3. Bully sandwich splashes EC3 and Rhino in the corner. Rhino tossed out of the ring. Dreamer and Bully drop EC3 with a neck-breaker for a two count. Rhino and Bully fighting on the outside. Dreamer with the Dreamer Driver on EC3. Spud pulled into the ring by Dreamer. EC3 sneak roll up on Dreamer for the three count.
Winners: Ethan Carter III & Rhino

Earlier today the TNA cameras documented the arrivals of Bobby Lashley and #1 contender Jeff Hardy.

Kurt Angle is shown backstage hyping up Austin Aries for his match tonight. Aries says he looks forward to the challenge.


Backstage, James Storm tells Sanada that he is smart, fast, and disciplined. Storm slaps Sanada and tells him he will end up as a loser if he keeps listening to the Great Muta.

8 Man Gauntlet Match for the X Division Championship
Austin Aries (c) vs Eddie Edwards vs Manik vs Davey Richards vs DJ Z vs Crazy Steve vs Tigre Uno vs Sanada
Aries starts off with show boating. Arm drag takeover by Aries. Dropkick to the face by Aries. Manik enters the ring and quickly takes control. Manik with a neck-breaker on Aries. Davey Richards enters the ring and catapults Aries into Edwards. Edwards with a top rope knee drop on Aries. The Wolves double team Manik. DJ Z enters the ring. Manik slides into the corner and drills DJ Z. Manik with a springboard hurricanrana sends himself and DJ Z to the outside eliminating both.


Crazy Steve and Tigre Uno have entered the ring. Sanada enters the ring with a springboard. Sanada sends everyone to the mat. Crazy Steve sprays silly string into Tigre’s eyes. Tigre fights back but Steve arm-drags him out of the ring for the elimination. The Wolves double team Steve and knock him off the ring apron for the elimination. The Wolves double team Aries. Sanada sends Edwards out of the ring for his elimination. Sanada back-flips Richards out of the ring for his elimination. It now comes down to Sanada and Aries.

X Division Championship
Sanada vs Austin Aries (c)
Sanada back-flips Aries out of the ring but it does not matter as this is one fall or submission only now. Aries knocks Sanada off the top rope to the outside. Aries flies out of the ring through the ropes into Sanada into the guardrail. Back in the ring, Aries slingshots on top of Sanada for a two count. Sanada rolls through with a pin attempt with a two count. Sanada with a tiger suplex for a two count. Sanada misses a top rope moonsault. Aries connects with two discus forearms. Aries with a standing dropkick to the face. Aries hits a brain-buster for the pin.
Winner and still X Division Champion: Austin Aries

After the match, Aries offers his hand and Sanada shakes it.

Backstage, Eric Young and Bobby Roode discuss the misfortunes they suffered at the hands of MVP.

Backstage, James Storm calls Sanada a loser and beats him down to the ground. Sanada does not fight back. Storm says Muta is a fraud and so is he.

Backstage, Dixie Carter is shown arriving to the building.


Backstage, Jeff Hardy is asked, “What motivated you to return to being Jeff Hardy?” “Willow was just created to deal with all of the darkness that shaded TNA. Now the light is shining, the time is now, the place is New York City, the moment is Jeff Hardy becoming TNA World Heavy Weight Champion” Hardy says.

MVP is in the ring insulting New York City. MVP says he is on crutches because he has a torn meniscus. Even though he is hurt, he still gets in the ring. Kenny King grabs the mic and says that they will not stand for Kurt Angle’s abusive power. MVP says because he is hurt, this match is being wrestled under protest.

Kenny King & MVP vs Bobby Roode & Eric Young
EY and King trade blows. Dropkick by EY for a two count. Roode tagged in. King with a boot to the face on Roode. MVP tagged in but Roode takes control before he enters and MVP slides to the floor and asks for a time out. MVP hobbles into the ring but quickly tags King back in. Double duplex on King and EY gets a two count. MVP cheap-shots EY, which enables King to drive EY throat-first into the top rope. MVP tags in with a fist to the head of EY. King tags back in and chokes EY while the ref’s back is turned. King with a springboard leg drop on EY for a two count. EY with a top rope cross body on King knocks both men out for a second. Double hot tag to MVP and Roode. MVP lures Roode into the ropes and Roode misses. Roode’s attention turns to King. Two clotheslines by Roode. Spine-buster by Roode on King. MVP enters and Roode quickly puts him into a cross-face submission. King breaks the submission. EY and King fall to the outside. MVP grabs a crutch and hits Roode with the ref watching and gets disqualified. EY enters and grabs the crutch, but gets blindsided by a swinging crutch from King. King and MVP continue the cheap-shots on EY and Roode.
Winners: Bobby Roode & Eric Young by DQ


A promo is shown for the Great Muta to be shown on iMPACT next week.

A promo is shown for Bound for Glory, October 12th in Tokyo, Japan.

Brittany vs Madison Rayne (No DQ, No Count-out)
Madison jumps on Brittany with fists to the head. Madison with shoulder blocks to the stomach. Madison with a baseball slide dropkick to the outside on Brittany. Madison flies off the ring apron with a cross body on Brittany to the floor. Brittany with a back body drop on Madison at the base of the ramp. Brittany kicks Madison in the stomach. Brittany slams Madison head first into the ring apron. back in the ring. Brittany gets a two count. Brittany with a suplex for a two count. Brittany grabs Madison by the hair and slams her head into the mat multiple times. Side Russian leg sweep by Brittany for a two count. Madison fights back, byt gets clotheslined by Brittany. Brittany throws Madison out of the ring. Madison with an inverted DDT out on the floor. Back in the ring, Madison dropkicks Brittany. Boot to the face by Madison for a two count. Brittany hits Madison in the chest. Brittany charges the corner but Madison moves out of the way. Madison hits Brittany with a package DDT for the pin.
Winner: Madison Rayne

Backstage, Dixie Carter is asked if she has come to address Bully’s threats. Dixie replies by saying Bully is all bark and she is all bite.


Backstage, Kurt Angle congratulates Austin Aries on his victory tonight. Angle asks Aries what he will do next week, turn in his X Division Title for a World Title shot, or will he remain the X Division Champion.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Hardy vs Bobby Lashley
Hardy with a jawbreaker. Lashley with a clothesline. Lashley with a suplex. Lashley spears Hardy in the corner. Hardy with a hurricanrana. Hardy with a baseball slide dropkick sends Lashley to the floor. Hardy flies out of the ring with a cross body. Hardy is setting up the ring steps for a springboard. Lashley trips up Hardy and he falls face first into the ring steps.


Back from commercial and Lashley is pounding Hardy into the ropes. Lashley with a clothesline. Torture rack by Lashley. Hardy fights out and hits a flying forearm. Hardy with a double leg drop to the crotch followed up by a standing dropkick. Hardy off the top with whisper in the wind. Lashley drops Hardy throat first into the ropes. Hardy hits two twists of fates back to back. Hardy takes off his shirt and goes to the top. Hardy off the top with the swanton bomb for a two count. Both men on the outside and Hardy repeatedly drives Lashley head first into the ring steps. Lashley is straddled across the top of the ring steps. Hardy goes up top and misses the swanton when Lashley moves off the steps. Back in the ring, Lashley hits a spear for the pin.
Winner and still TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Bobby Lashley

Backstage, Kurt Angle grabs Dixie Carter by the arm. She responds by saying don’t ever touch me again. Dixie says she is headed to the ring.

Kurt reminds Dixie that they’re in Bully’s home town. Dixie says she is going out there to talk to her people.


Backstage, Kenny King and MVP are congratulating Lashley on his victory over Jeff Hardy. Kurt Angle storms in and tells MVP that he thinks he can do whatever he wants. Angle says no more nights off and no more tag matches for MVP. Angle books MVP in a falls count anywhere match for next week against Bobby Roode.

Rockstar Spud welcomes Dixie Carter to the ring. Dixie insults NYC. Dixie moves on and starts insulting Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray. Dixie says that she should be the hardcore star because she has put Bully Ray through the table twice and will continue until he gets it through his thick head that she owns the company. Bully Ray’s music hits and he and Dreamer carry a table to the ring that has Dixie’s name spray painted on it.

The fight ensues between Dreamer & Bully vs Rhino & EC3. Dreamer tosses Rhino out of the ring and Bully tosses EC3 out of the ring. Spud is left in the ring top protect Dixie. Spud walks into a boot from Bully and is knocked out of the ring. Dreamer attempts to set Dixie on his shoulders while Bully goes to the top. EC3 sneaks back into the ring and low blows Dreamer. Spud pulls Dixie out of the ring. EC3 rolls out and slowly heads up the ramp. Rhino joins Spud in the crowd to protect Dixie. Dvon comes down the ramp chasing EC3 back into the ring and Bully delivers a scoop slam. Dvon steps on the ring apron and the crowd erupts. The fans call for Dvon to go up top. Bully spreads EC3’s legs open. Dvon delivers the flying headbutt. Dvon puts a table in the ring. Dvon gives Dixie the crotch chop. Bully and Dvon drive EC3 through the table as the show goes off the air.

Credit: Report by LOPSLBM