TNA Impact Wrestling Results – 2/13/14

We start with a look back at MVP’s confrontation last week with his new business partner Dixie Carter, then we’re off to the ring in Manchester as Dixie comes out with Spu, Ethan Carter III, and that guy with the belt. She didn’t lose any sleep over what MVP said to her last week, because she has something he’ll never have: the TNA World Champion, Magnus. EC3 says she also has her excellent nephew who ended the wrestling careers of Sting and Kurt Angle. The fans tell Magnus that he sold out, but he says it’s good to be back in Manchester because he knows it’ll be a whole year before he’ll have to come back to be surrounded by stupid, lazy slobs. The people here make him ashamed to be British, he is NOT from the north, and he is not a paper champion. Dixie Carter is from the land of opportunity, was flipping through a magazine, and found him and decided to jump on a plane right away to sign him to a deal and change his life forever. As for MVP, some ground rules need to be established, because after all the people he had nipping at his heels, now he has to deal with MVP, and MVP should know that he does NOT sell out. MVP and Samoa Joe come out to a huge reaction from the crowd, and MVP announces that Joe is the #1 contender and will challenge Magnus at Lockdown. Gunner comes out with the Feast Or Fired briefcase and apologizes for the interruption, but he sees Magnus is dressed and ready to work, and he has a briefcase he’s getting tired of carrying around. He’s giving Magnus seven days to get himself ready, and then he’s cashing in his briefcase, then the winner of that match will face Joe at Lockdown. Dixie tells him that he may not have that briefcase in seven days, because he’s defending it against EC3 tonight. MVP says now that he knows the rules, and Dixie’s nephew C-3PO has a briefcase of his own, so he thinks they should get a ladder, hang both briefcases from the rafters, and play a game of winner take all. Oh, and he’s going to be watching from the back and, if EC3 tries anything, he’ll come out himself and level the playing field. That match will be up…NEXT!

Ladder Match: Ethan Carter III vs Gunner

Both Gunner’s World Title shot and EC3’s World Tag Team Title shot are on the line in this one as Gunner plows through EC3 with some clotheslines before going outside for a ladder. EC3 baseball slides it into his face, then brings the ladder inside and quickly tries to climb up. Gunner stops him, then we go corner to corner with shots from Gunner, who then stands the ladder up in the corner and whips EC3 into it. EC3 dodges a charge and Gunner smahes into it headfirst. EC3 sets the ladder up, but Gunner doesn’t stay down long and powerbombs EC3 off the ladder. Gunner tries to climb up, but Magnus runs in and starts pummeling the bejeezus out of Gunner. James Storm runs in and chases Magnus and EC3 off, and they regroup on the floor as MVP comes out and tells EC3 that he warned him and he deliberately defied him. Since they’re acting like a team, he’ll treat them like a team and continue this as a tag match againstg a team that’s actually a team. We’ll pick this up after the commercial break!

We’re back, and Storm and Gunner plow Magnus in the face with the ladder, then do the same to EC3. EC3 drags Storm out to the floor and gives Magnus an opening to lay out Gunner and hammer him with the ladder. Magnus leans the ladder across the middle rope, puts Gunner on it, and picks it up like a stretcher so EC3 can come off the top rope with a splash. Magnus picks Gunner up and hits a gourdbuster on the ladder, then EC3 holds him so Magnus can charge at him with the ladder and smash him in the face like a battering ram. Magnus and EC3 take turns nailing Gunner before dumping him out to the floor, then EC3 starts to climb the ladder. Magnus pulls him down and they start to argue, then Magnus tries to climb and EC3 pulls him down. They get into a shoving match, but Storm gets in and goes after both men before they have a chance to come to blows. Storm clotheslines Magnus to the floor, then puts the ladder flat on the mat and Storm and Gunner double hiptoss EC3 onto it. Magnus nails Gunner and knocks him out to the floor, then Storm clotheslines Magnus and they both go over the top and out to the floor. EC3 is alone in the ring, looks around, and brings the ladder back to the middle of the ring. He sees Gunner on the apron and charges him, but Gunner catches him and hits a uranage, comes off the top rope with an elbowdrop, then climbs the ladder and grabs the briefcases. He drops off the ladder, PULLING THE CHAIN WITH THE BRIEFCASES DOWN WITH HIM, and takes them off the chain for the win

Winners: Gunner & James Storm

Well that was an interesting finish! Not sure if that was the plan or not, but it made Gunner look like a hell of a monster!

Ken Anderson is backstage with the mystery cameraman and says tonight isn’t about cuts or a biker club, it’s about something Bully Ray doesn’t have: family. He holds up his phone and shows us a picture of his twin babies, and says “It’s about this.”

The Bromans and DJ Zema walk in on Spud putting down tape to divide the owner’s office in half and make sure Dixie’s side is bigger. They’re not happy that Storm and Gunner got the tag title shot, but MVP comes in and says not to worry about it because Dixie’s power is slipping. He can strip the Bromans of the title if they’re not happy, and they don’t like that either, so he’ll give them another option: a six man tag against the men he signed, the Wolves, and a mystery partner. He assures them that it’s not him and tells them to get to the ring, then he says that they’re really not going to like who the Wolves’ partner is.

We look back at last week when Eric Young pulled Abyss’ mask off and revealed that he is, indeed, Joseph Park. We’ll hear from the unmasked Abyss later on tonight, but for now, let’s get to the ring! The Bromans and Ion come out to the ring, then the Wolves, and we’ll find out who their mystery partner is after this commercial!

We’re back, and the Wolves’ partner is…

The Bromans & Zema Ion vs Samoa Joe & The Wolves

Joe and the Wolves absolutely clean the Bromans’ clocks, Davey hits the handspring enziguiri on Jessie, then the Wolves start tagging in and out while pummeling Jessie. Robbie tags in and doesn’t fare any better, getting his teeth kicked in by Eddie and then catching a Shining Wizard. The Wolves with another series of fancy double teams, Zema gets a cheap kick on Davey from the apron, but Davey no-sells and headbutts Zema off the apron. Robbie takes the chance to nail Davey from behind and he gets caught in the wrong part of town, catching a triple running knee and then a press slam from Jessie. Davey finally takes out both Bromans and tags Joe in,and Joe steamrolls over Zema, hitting an inverted atomic drop and charging boot and a running senton. Joe with kneestrikes, a snap powerslam for 2, and the Wolves take the Bromans out when they try to interfere, dumping them out to the floor and wiping them out with stereo dives. Zema charges Joe in the corner and runs into the STJoe, then Joe puts Zema out with the Kokina Clutch.

Winners: Samoa Joe & The Wolves

Great debut for Davey and Eddie, and Joe looked strong as he begins building to his title shot at Lockdown.

Abyss is backstage, and he’s…ATTACKING STAGEHANDS! He grabs one by the throat and asks him what he’s looking at, then continues on his way to the ring. We’ll hear what he’s got on his mind in just a little bit!

Velvet Sky comes into Dixie’s office as she’s bitching about something or another and begs Dixie to not let the match between herself and Chris Sabin, but Dixie says she’s not paid to sit backstage on her backside and not do anything, and tells her the match is on. MVP asks her if she’s really going to make a woman wrestle a man, and Dixie says not to go there because she wishes he was a wrestler so she could get someone to put him on his backside. MVP says he’s not a wrestler right now because he’s focused on cleaning up the mess she created. Spud gets in his face, and MVP says that since he’s a wrestler and a good wrestler always has his gear, he’ll face him in the ring tonight and he’d better be ready. Spud turns to Dixie, but she says he got himself into this and he’d better go deal with it.

Abyss comes out to the ring with the hood over his head, but we can see he’s not wearing the mask. He says to keep the lights dim, and he says he’s sorry because he never wanted it to happen this way, but his good buddy Eric Young (fans start chanting for EY) wanted to prove that Abyss and Joseph Park are one and the same. He wants him to come down here and see what he’s done, so Eric Young comes out with a very hesitant look on his face. Young says he was just trying to help, but Abyss asks him why he won’t get closer to him, andif he’s afraid. Young comes closer and says that he proved last week in Monster’s Ball that he’s not afraid of anything, but what he doesn’t understand is what’s going on here. Joseph Park asked for his help finding his brother Abyss, and he did that because he’s standing right there. Abyss holds up the mask and hair and says that this is the reality of what he did last week, and yeah, he proved (takes the hood off) that he is Abyss. Young says that what he proved is that he is Young’s friend, and he loves Abyss like the fans love Abyss, and he proves that Abyss and Joseph Park are the same person, and he proved that when he pulled his mask off last week and showed him who he is. Abyss asks Young who he is, and Abyss asks him who the hell he is unless he’s been him or been there, or knows what the hell he’s talking about. Abyss takes his jacket off and says that he has carved his body to bits, destroyed peoples’ lives, and destroyed careers. He’s left carnage wherever he goes, and he tells Young to look at the scars on his arms because they tell the story. The blood, the tacks, the barbed wire…(Abyss calms down)…he can’t be him any more and do what he did any more. The violence, the blood, the destruction, he can’t be him any more. What he needs is help. Young tells Abyss that he came this far and they have to finish this together. Young says he can help Abyss, but Abyss says he doesn’t need or want his help, and the two of them are done. What he needs to do is go away, go away and fix this, fix Young’s mistake. He needs to find somebody who truly understands him, and he’s going to fix this. Abyss throws down the mic, picks up the mask and hair, holds it in front of Young’s face, and drops it. He gives Young one last long glance, pauses as the fans chant for EY, and walks off with a very conflicted look on his face.

MVP is backstage, and he’s…WALKING! He’s going to face Spud next!

We look at earlier tonight when Samuel Shaw helped Christy Hemme put her suitcase in the back of a pickup truck or something, and she seems uncomfortable being around him, but he says he thought about what she said last week and he agrees, they should keep it professional. He takes his glove off and shakes her hand, then he turns around, sniffs his hand, and walks away while Christy looks really creeped out.

MVP vs Rockstar Spud

MVP looks great. Spud runs around ringside refusing to get into the ring until MVP goes out after him, then he cheapshots MVP as he comes into the ring and gets a headlock. MVP is like twice Spud’s size, but Spud tries to take MVP down with kicks ot the leg and an eye gouge. MVP responds by flapjacking Spud into the air, drilling him with a knee smash, then hitting the ballin’ elbowdrop. MVP hits the bicycle kick and covers Spud for the easy win.

Winner: MVP

Totally dominant in-ring debut by MVP, who steps on Spud’s back on his way out of the ring.

Bobby Roode is backstage furiously opening doors looking for Dixie Carter, but seems to have trouble finding her as we go to commercial.

Dixie Carter is backstage complaining to someone on her cell phone about how MVP is driving her crazy when Bobby Roode comes in and says she saved Magnus’ ass twice, and he wants his title shot. Dixie says he got his title shot when he lost to Joe, and what she sees is a sore loser. Roode starts smashing the place up, then calms down and says he had her back and she owes him a title shot. Dixie says she doesn’t owe him anything, and Roode says to look him in the eyes and hear him when he says that she does not want him as an enemy.

Velvet Sky and Chris Sabin come out for their match, but before they start, Sabin gets a microphone and says that, because he’s a gentleman, he’ll give her the first shot on him. He tells her to do it because she’s getting all the attention like she wants, and he’ll even close his eyes for her. Velvet won’t do it, so Sabin says he never even knew what he saw in her because she’s just a skank. He stands there to give Velvet a free shot again, and he kicks him in the knee. He asks why she kicked him in the knee, so he kicks her in the ding ding. He says he knew she’d do that and came prepared, and pulls a cup out of his tights. He holds it up to the crowd, and Velvet low blows him and starts pummeling him with forearms. Some big, jacked up girl comes out of nowhere and beats the crap out of Velvet, puts her in a full nelson, and ragdolls her around like Chyna and Marlena in 1997. Sabin dances around while this is going on, then covers Velvet once the big lady drops her and she counts to three. Well, no match I guess.

Bully Ray goes into the locker room and finds Ken Anderson’s bag, takes out his phone and comments on how cute the picture of his kids is, then calls Anderson’s wife. He tells her that this is the phone call she’s been dreading, because when her husband comes home, it’ll be in a coffin. He tells her to let the kids know that daddy says goodbye, then hangs up and leaves. As if all that wasn’t bad enough, Anderson is screwed on roaming charges if he didn’t have an international plan!

The Mystery Cameraman catches up with Bobby Roode about what happened just now, and he says he flipped out and he’s had it, this has to end. Roode says it’s over and he just needs some time to think and figure things out. TNA Security comes in and tells Roode he has to go under Dixie’s orders, and he goes quietly.

Mike Tenay plugs 5 Hour Energy, and then…IT’S MAIN EVENT TIME!

Casket Match: Bully Ray vs Ken Anderson

Mike Tenay informs us that Dixie Carter will have a buyout offer next week as Bubba takes off his sunglasses and sweatshirt and reveals the football jersey of whoever the rivals of Manchester are. Anderson spears Bully and hammers him with punches, then tears the jersey off and chokes Bubba with it. Bubba rolls out to the floor and Anderson follows him out after stomping on the jersey, but Bubba nails and smashes his face into the ring steps as we go to commercial.

We’re back, and Anderson is brutalizing Bubba with a chair, then brings a table into the ring. Bubba boots Anderson in the face, then stands over him and hammers him with right hands. Anderson is busted open as Bubba brings the casket into the ring, Anderson tries to go to the top rope to catch him unawares, but Bubba shakes the ropes and crotches Anderson on the top rope. Bubba superplexes Anderson and then dumps him into the casket. He holds the lid up ot the fans and tries to close it on Anderson, but Anderson blocks, so Bubba bashes him in the face with the edge of the lid and then grabs the chair. He stands over Anderson and hoists the chair up, but Anderson punches him in the ding ding and climbs out of the casket. Bubba drills him in the gut with the chair and picks Anderson up for a powerbomb, Anderson tries to fight his way out, but Bubba puts him through the table regardless. The fans inform us that this is awesome as Bubba tells Anderson this is for his wife, and prepares to piledrive Anderson into the casket. Anderson slips out and hits a Mic Check into the casket, throws the football jersey in after him, and closes the lid.

Winner: Ken Anderson

Hell of a finish to this feud. Anderson looks like he’s been through a war.

We go back to the office as MVP asks Dixie Carter if her assistant is conscious yet. Dixie says to cut to the chase and says he’s been usign his ownership as leverage to get involved in wrestling operations, and she wants to buy his shares of TNA. MVP asks what makes him think he’s willing to sell, but she hands him some paperwork and MVP agrees that it is a substantial amount of money. Dixie says that wrestlers aren’t very good businessmen, and he’s a wrestler and she’s an entrepreneur, but that can change if he signs the papers. Dixie asks him if he came here to make money, but MVP says he came here to turn this back into a wrestling company, he crumples the paper up, and she says he’s crazy. He proposes setting up a Lethal Lockdown match between his team and hers, winner takes 100% control of the business. Dixie protests, but MVP tells her that time’s up and to make a decision. She says he’s going to get what he asked for and he’ll be sorry, and MVP says that’ll be in her dreams.

MUST SEE: Christy Hemme Shows Off Those Legs in a Tight Red Dress….


  • Fast Eddie

    MVP looked good last night, a bit rusty, But not bad at all. As far as The Wolves go, they also did good. EC3 had a decent match