TNA iMPACT! Wrestling Results – May 30, 2013


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We look back at last week’s events surrounding Bully Ray, Sting, and the Hogans, as well as AJ Styles turning on Aces & Eights after turning on TNA, then we go to the Aces & Eights clubhouse where Bully Ray says that tonight’s order of business is AJ Styles, AJ Styles, and AJ Styles. D-Lo Brown tells Ken Anderson he’s sorry it didn’t work out since they thought AJ was joining, and the rest of the gang walks out of the clubhouse leaving Anderson and D-Lo alone. Anderson motions to D-Lo to go first, then Anderson suckerpunches D-Lo from behind and smashes his face into the wall, leaving D-Lo out cold on the floor.

Bully Ray and Devon come out to the ring and Bubba says it’s three days until Slammiversary, three days until his brother Devon takes out Joseph Park once and for all, and three days until he faces Sting. Bubba’s not taking anything away from Sting, and runs down the list of men he’s defeated: Ric Flair, Bubba’s father-in-law Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle, and Jeff Hardy. Bubba says he beat Hardy too and did it to win the TNA World Title, but he took Hardy out just like he’s going to take Sting out this weekend. He says that he and Devon are fighting Sting and Park tonight, and tells them to come on out so they can fight right now.

Team 3D vs Sting & Joseph Park

Sting and Park rush the ring and an out of control immediately breaks out. The fight spills right out to the floor as Sting and Park take it to Team 3D, but Bubba rams Park into the ringpost and starts drilling him with right hands. Park dodges a wild chairshot as Devon drills Sting with a stiff uppercut on the other side of the ring and then they fight onto the entry ramp. Sting goes into the ringpost as we go to commercial.

We’re back and Team 3D is in firm control, working Park over while blocking him from getting to Sting. Park suddenly powers up and slams Devon a couple of times, but takes too long going to the second rope and gets kicked off by Bubba, who then gives him a shot in the back of the head for good measure. Bubba tags in and puts the boots to Park before taking a cheap shot at Sting for good measure. Devon stops to pose like Hulk Hogan before getting Park in a chinlock, Park breaks free but takes a flying back elbow from Devon for 2. Park finally makes the tag and Sting comes in and cleans house on Team 3D. He kicks Devon’s leg out and goes for the Scorpion Deathlock, Park tackles Bubba and goes for one of his own, but Bubba kicks Park into Sting and they both go down. Sting hits a Stinger Splash on Devon and then tries one on Bubba, but Bubba moves and Sting hits the corner, they hit a double team neckbreaker on Sting, Bubba slams Park and they go for WHAZZUP, but Abyss’ music hits and they stop to stare at the top of the ramp. Abyss doesn’t show, but his music provides enough of a distraction for Sting to sneak in and hit the Deathdrop on Devon for the win.

Winners: Sting & Joseph Park

Team 3D’s first televised match as a team in something like two years ends in defeat.

Dixie Carter is backstage, and she’s…WALKING!

Kurt Angle is backstage and says it’s all well and good that AJ Styles didn’t end up joining Aces & Eights, but there’s a price for his actions. He’s going to be watching AJ’s match tonight very closely.

TNA President Dixie Carter comes out to the ring to wave at her subjects and proclaim that they’ll be celebrating 11 years of business this Sunday at Slammiversary. She says there have been some great men and women to compete in TNA over the years, so this weekend, they’ll be announcing the next inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame to join Sting, who will be challenging Bully Ray for the TNA World Title this weekend. She wishes Sting luck and gets ready to talk about more stuff, but the Aces & Eights music hits and Doc, Garett Bischoff, and Wes Brisco come out to the ring. Garett sexually harasses Christy Hemme by snatching the microphone out of her hand and gets in the ring to ask Dixie where the love is for Aces & Eights is. He doesn’t hear her wishing Bully Ray luck, and he knows she’s excited about her announcement this weekend, but Garett says it’s going to feel more like a funeral. Doc and Brisco get into the ring and back Dixie into the corner, but Samoa Joe and Brutus Magnus come running out to chase them off. Joe says he spent a month at home picking stitches out of his face and waiting to get ahold of them. Tonight, the wait is over because he doesn’t know who gave Garett permission to talk, but he wants to see how lippy he gets when Joe is beating him into the man he’ll never be. A referee comes out and Garett jumps Joe, and it looks like we have an impromptu match!

Samoa Joe vs Garett Bischoff

Joe wipes the mat with Garett and we go to commercial.

We’re back and Joe is still wiping the floor with Garett, but he gets distracted by Doc and Brisco on the floor. Magnus takes them out, but it gives Garett enough of an opening to hit a clothesline on Joe and then go out to the floor to join in the beatdown on Magnus. The bell rings at this point as Joe comes through the ropes with a diving forearm and takes Aces & Eights out.


I guess it’s now grounds for DQ for a participant to go out of the ring and beat up people who aren’t involved in the match. Joe and Magnus get back in the ring and Joe gets a microphone and calls Aces & Eights cowards. He knew this might happen, so he came up with a backup plan and announces that Doc, Bischoff, and Brisco will face himself, Magnus, and the returning Jeff Hardy!

We look back at last week when Gunner beat up Shark Boy and Robbie E to convince James Storm to be his partner at Slammiversary, then we go backstage to Storm and Gunner as Storm says he picked Gunner because he’s a beast. He’s served his country overseas and he’s killed people, and Storm wants someone who can kill people in the ring too. Gunner says if the other teams want a war, they’ll get one.

The Hogans are backstage and Hulk wants to know what happened out there last week with Bully Ray. Brooke says that it’s not easy hearing Bubba say that he loves her and he’s technically still her husband, and Hulk says that he’s just trying to screw with her head. Hulk says that Sting has the heart of a champion and he’s betting the farm on him, but Brooke looks unconvinced. Yeah, Hulk has been wrong a hell of a lot more than he’s been right. In fact, if Hulk was a real executive and was wrong as often as he is, he would have gotten canned years ago.

Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, Bobby Roode & Austin Aries vs Chavo Guerrero Jr, Hernandez, James Storm & Gunner

Daniels and Gunner start us off and Daniels shoots his mouth off, but Gunner is undaunted and backs Daniels into the corner. He breaks clean, but Daniels makes the mistake of chopping Gunner on the break and gets ragdolled. Daniels scoots out to the floor to catch a break and get consoled by Kazarian. Daniels slides in, tags out to Aries, and zips out to the apron while telling Aries to go get him. Aries gives Gunner a determined look…then tags out to Roode and escapes to the floor. Roode comes in and trades hammerlocks with Gunner, rams him into the corner and unloads with right hands, but Gunner boots him in the face and takes his head off with a clothesline. Roode is in trouble as he gets caught in the babyface corner and gets quadruple teamed, but he winds up on the floor with Chavo and he gets a shot in and rolls Chavo back inside. Now that Roode has done the dirty work, Daniels is happy to tag in and put the boots to Chavo before dragging him to the heel corner for some quadruple teaming of their own. Chavo finally manages to get to his corner and tag Hernandez, who comes in and tears through all four opponents like they’re nothing. Gunner tags in and completely dominates Aries before forcing him to submit to the torture rack.

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Winners: Chavo Guerrero Jr, Hernandez, James Storm & Gunner

Great way to reintroduce Gunner, and a great way to protect Storm, who didn’t get in the ring once.

We see AJ Styles arrive at the building, then we go to the Aces & Eights clubhouse where they sit around and throw around threats at AJ Styles, Joseph Park, and Jeff Hardy. Bubba says he hit Hardy in the back of the head with a hammer, but now he’s back. He tells Doc, Brisco, and Garett that they better take care of Hardy, Joe and Magnus, then says he has a job for Knux. He says Hogan’s always talking about going to war, so they’re going to war and he wants victims tonight. If he doesn’t get them, then one of them or all of them (turns to Devon), even you (turns back to the group) will wind up like D-Lo Brown.

Mickie James is backstage, and she’s…SKIPPING! She’s the new Knockouts Champion, and we’ll find out what she wants…NEXT!

We see a video package with all the stars of TNA talking about what Bound For Glory means to them, then we see a recap of last week when Mickie beat Velvet Sky for the Knockouts Title, then Mickie comes out to the ring to say it’s been a great year since she released her new album and finally regained the Knockouts Title after two years. She thanks the fans for all their support, but says there have been a small minority who doubted the way she won the title. That hurts her because she deserves this, and would like to address it face to face and asks her friend Velvet Sky to come out to the ring. Oh come on, we all know this is going to end with Mickie turning on her. Velvet comes out and gives Mickie a big hug, then Mickie says she wanted to talk to her because of what people have said about how she won the title, and Mickie says she did go to Velvet before the match and made sure Velvet was 100,000% sure she could do it. She admires Velvet because she was a real champion and fought through the pain, and it was crazy how Velvet’s knee gave out on her and asks the fans to give Velvet a round of applause for what a great champion she WAS (emphasis on WAS), and Velvet says that she appreciates the support, but at the end of the day business is business and she wants her rematch. Mickie hesitates for half a millisecond and says Velvet will get her rematch…when she’s ready. Velvet says she’d like her rematch at Bound For Glory, and Mickie says she’d love to do that, but Brooke already put her in the ring with Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell, so maybe AFTER. Gail comes out and says she appreciates all the love out here, but Gail wants to get one thing straight: she doesn’t think Mickie’s that hardcore anymore and doesn’t think Mickie would have won the title without her help from the damage she did to Velvet’s knee weeks earlier. Gail’s been taking people out left and right lately, she’s going to finish what she started and take Terrell out at Slammiversary, and then she’s coming for her Knockouts Title. Velvet says she’s first in line for the rematch, so Gail kicks Velvet’s knee out, drags her to the corner for the ringpost figure four, and then jets when Terrell comes running out to chase her off. Mickie just stood there doing nothing in the meantime, and backpedals up the ramp while everyone else is going at it in the ring. Kenny King comes out to join Gail, and the mixed tag is up next!

Chris Sabin & Taryn Terrell vs Kenny King & Gail Kim

the ladies start us off and Terrell dominates Gail, overwhelming her with crazed offense and hitting a rolling neckbreaker. Gail tries to escape to the apron and gets clotheslined and suplexed back into the ring. The gentlemen tag in and Sabin easily controls King with armdrags and takedowns. King tries to throw Sabin into Terrell and clotheslines ihm from behind when he tries to stop himself. King with the cartwheel kick and gets in Terrell’s face before covering Sabin for 2 and tying him up in a seated abdominal stretch. King slams Sabin but misses a springboard legdrop and Sabin mounts a comeback. Sabin hits a powerbomb into a DDT for 2, Gail grabs his hair from the apron and allows King to nail him from behind. The girls wind up in the ring and Gail tries to kick Sabin, but Sabin catches her boot and holds her so Terrell can hit a spear. Sabin hits a leaping enziguiri and the Cradle Shock for the win.

Winners: Chris Sabin and Taryn Terrell

Solid match, Sabin has looked great since coming back and it was good to see he and King in an actual wrestling match again. Sabin says that after two torn ACLs and two years of therapy, he gets redemption at Slammiversary and becomes a five time X Division Champion. King jumps Sabin from behind and goes for the Royal Flush, but Suicide comes out of the crowd and hits the double chickenwing into a lungblower. He picks up the X Division Title and goes face to face with Sabin.

AJ Styles and Ken Anderson are backstage, and they’re…WALKING!

Sting talks about the early part of his career and how it took him four years to get to the point where he beat Ric Flair for the World Title, and he’s held it many times since then. Some of his favorite championship opponents have been Flair and Hogan, Kurt Angle, and Jeff Jarrett, but this one is different because of everything he’s done and this is his one and only chance to drive the stake through his heart.

The announcers run down this weekend’s Slammiversary card, and then it’s main event time!

Ken Anderson vs AJ Styles

Anderson attacks AJ on his way into the ring, but AJ doesn’t take much time to turn the tide and fire back at Anderson. This is just a straight up fight as they trade punches until AJ trips Anderson and just stomps him square in the chest. AJ snap suplexes Anderson and then drills him with hard forearms. Anderson sneaks a shot in and chokes AJ with his boot, but AJ knocks him out to the ring apron, drags him back inside, then tosses him right back out to the floor. AJ comes under the bottom rope with a baseball slide and is in firm control as we go to commercial.

We’re back and AJ is still kicking the crap out of Anderson, but just like every single time we come back to commercial, the other guy turns the tide almost instantly by dragging AJ out to the apron, thumbing him in the eye, and giving him a DDT on the apron. They head back inside and Anderson continues dishing out punishment and nearly backdrops AJ into next week. Anderson gets AJ in a weird neck vice with a bodyscissors, AJ escapes and gets a quick rollup but Anderson is out at 2 and clotheslines him back down to the mat. AJ suddenly unloads on Anderson with a big flurry of strikes before clotheslining his head off, then destroys Anderson with a spinning kick and a spinebuster for 2. Anderson blocks a tornado DDT and hits a Finlay roll for 2, AJ blocks the Mic Check and hangs Anderson in the Tree of Woe before hitting a diving dropkick in the corner. Kurt angle suddenly runs in and starts beating the crap out of AJ to cause another DQ.

Winner: AJ Styles by DQ

Angle continues attacking AJ before AJ kicks his bad leg and goes after him. Aces & Eights rushes the ring and attacks both of them, but Sting comes out with Joseph Park, Samoa Joe, and Brutus Magnus to even the odds. They brawl with Aces & Eights as AJ and Angle fight their way up the ramp, everyone clears out and leaves Sting and Bubba face to face in the ring. They trade right hands and Sting gets the advantage, takes Bubba down, and puts him in the Scorpion Deathlock. Devon runs in and nails Sting from behind and they hit the 3D on Sting as the rest of Aces & Eights comes back into the ring. Bubba holds the TNA World Title up and they celebrate as we see Joe and Sting laid out unconscious and we call it a week.