TNA Makes Changes to the Bound for Glory Series

TNA has made a change to the Bound for Glory Series because there is not enough time to complete the necessary 11 matches for each participant involved in the tournament.

TNA will now be running four matches on Impact this Thursday were the top 4 point leaders will comprise the final four, which will take place on September 12th. Currently TNA is advertising the matches listed below for Impact.

* AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode
* Austin Aries vs. Christopher Daniels
* Hernandez vs. Kazarian

If the company plans to run 4 matches, then another bout is likely to take place. TNA could also scrap the previously advertised bouts altogether and just have the top 8 point leaders compete in 4 matches.

Miss Tessmacher Looking Good…


  • Shaun Simpson

    TNA has just been mismanaged Into the would be nice if ROH could scoop up their TV slot…

  • fmdof

    their biggest ppv of the year, and they don’t book it properly? wow.

  • raul cruz

    Whose running the ship now? Hogan? Dixie? Bischoff? Miss Tessmacher?

    They really need to get their act together if they are having trouble making room for everyone in their overbloated BOUND FOR GLORY running gag.