TNA Morale, Matt Hardy Comments on Jeff Not Being Used, More

– With very little TNA live events scheduled over the next few months, TNA wrestlers have been reaching out to independent promoters looking for work. One of the issues there is that TNA won’t allow their talents to work for any promotions if the footage is filmed for a DVD or internet pay-per-view.

– TNA morale was said to be very good following Thursday’s talent meeting in Salt Lake City.

– As seen on Impact, Ethan Carter III defeated another local jobber named Dewey Barnes. No word yet if it was the same person but there is a man name Dewey Barnes who works TNA’s merchandise department while they’re on the road.

– Matt Hardy tweeted the following about Jeff Hardy not appearing on last night’s episode:

“Not cuz he’s my brother, but Jeff Hardy is an integral part of TNA succeeding, IMO.. Jeff should be on all the “live” episodes-HE IS A STAR.”

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Partial source: PWInsider

  • Fast Eddie

    Jeff Hardy gets some of the loudest pops, always. He is a huge star. He should be on TV every week.

    • Dahak

      I don’t like Jeff, but I have to agree. People love him. He SHOULD be the star on the company with or without the title. He’s the closest thing they have to the “It” guy

  • Ralph Ramos

    Sting and Jeff Hardy got the loudest pops at Bound For Glory. The man is good, and appears clean and on the right path again. They should push him more, but keep an eye on him at the same time to make sure he stays on track