TNA Posts Cryptic Video Message on Their YouTube Page

TNA has added a cryptic video to their YouTube page with the following caption and video contents:

“Earlier today, Impact Wrestling received the following video via messenger. The envelope was marked with #August1Warning and the subject matter of the video deals with this Thursday’s Impact Wrestling Live Spike TV event in Wichita Falls, TX. We do not endorse its content but have been advised to present it “as is”. We will have more information on this story as it becomes available.”

Backstage News on Who’s Behind the Video Message….

  • Rob Ross

    Here’s to hoping that this guy aint Bob Holly. SMFH, looks like him in the shadow, same head and ears that stick out. TNA/ IMPACT WRESTLING or whatever you wanna call em, cant afford a big name, so I really don’t think this is Batista. But to hype up Bob Holly…waste of time. Thoughts?

  • Rich Francis

    I just got who it is. It makes Perfect sense she sold a lot of her WWE stocks But still has a lot her name is Stephanie McMahon. Makes Perfect sense Daddy’s running Smackdown with Vicky. HHH is running Raw with Brad Maddox and Stephanie has Impact with Eric they will trash Hogan he is a joke. The Impact roster is quite smaller than it usually is. And Its like Stephanie misses the power like she didn’t get when her brother took over the WcW company 13 years ago. She just has a person from a video team messing with the sound like the NWO did back in 96 97 98.