TNA Programming Expands Into South-East Asia


Total Sports Asia issued a press release stating they will be distributing TNA Impact Wrestling across South East Asia.

TNA IMPACT WRESTLING’s television rights will be distributed by Total Sports Asia (TSA) in South East Asia (excluding Thailand). RDA Television, the UK-based sport rights distribution agency that controls TNA’s global media distribution rights, has licensed TNA’s South East Asian media rights in a three year agreement with TSA.

TNA produces over 200 hours of original programming a year in HD that includes the flagship show Impact Wrestling, 4 main PPV Specials, 8 One Night Only PPVs and also the weekly magazine programme Xplosion. As well as “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan, the TNA talent roster boasts such household names as Olympic Gold Medallist Kurt Angle, ”The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy, ”The Icon” Sting and MMA & Hollywood superstar Rampage Jackson.

TSA who have a long and very successful experience with distributing combat sports in Asia, especially wrestling, will market the brand and its programmes to the region, where they expect to significantly increase TNA’s previous distribution as well as revenues in the region.

TSA’s Chief Content Officer, Julian Jackson, said that “having been very successful previously in selling pro wrestling, we know that it works in pretty much every country in the region. It is a sport that transcends religious, racial and regional boundaries to become appointment TV in every country and we are delighted to be working with TNA to really take the brand to the next level of success given the high quality of programming that TNA delivers week in, week out”

Richard Dennis, Managing Director, RDA Television, commented, “We have great confidence that TSA will help drive the TNA Wrestling brand forward in South Asia, and deliver great content for broadcasters throughout the region. We have known and worked with TSA for many years and we’re looking forward to this new dimension in our working relationship.”

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  1. Heh… TNA can expand all they want… they’re out of style, out of class, out of touch, and sometime soon they will be out of business.

  2. Let’s not be so tough on TNA. They do appear to be a good company to work for (For the most part) and have carried themselves with class (Compared to other companies). I know they’re not the WWE, but they are trying.
    When you look at their wrestling roster, there’s no John Cena, no Randy Orton, no CM Punk; No big-time stars that the fans get real strongly behind. Too bad Hulk Hogan isn’t the Hulkster of old.
    What they do have are a lot of great technical wrestlers that are a little small in size, but big on effort. I do think they got away from what made them fun to watch, and that was exciting pure wrestling (Like the old Kurt Angle-AJ Styles feud.
    I know Hulk Hogan and Eric Bishoff built a monster at one time, but TNA is a different animal.The Aces of Eights thing is not working. They would be better off making up a small renegade new group like The Shield. The Freebirds were very successful at going into promotions and raising havoc in places like World Class in Texas and the UWF.
    There are no easy answers for TNA, only solutions. Once they get a couple of these guys to step up as leaders and the rest of the roster to follow, they will start moving forward.


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