TNA Releases Best Of The Asylum Years Volume 2 DVD – Complete Listing


TNA has released the DVD for Best of The Asylum Years Volume 2. The set includes twenty-five matches from the era including the following:

July 17, 2002: X Division Title: AJ Styles vs. Low Ki
July 24, 2002: Low Ki vs. The Amazing Red
September 25, 2002: Best Of 3 Match: AJ Styles vs. Low Ki
October 23, 2002: X Division Title: AJ Styles vs. Sean Waltman
October 30, 2002: X Division Title: AJ Styles vs. The Amazing Red
November 13, 2002: X Division Title: Jerry Lynn vs. AJ Styles vs. Kid Kash
January 8, 2003: Tag Team Title Match: America’s Most Wanted vs. The New Church
April 9, 2003: Jerry Lynn & The Amazing Red vs. Triple X vs. Chris Sabin & Johnny Storm vs. Shark Boy & Jason Cross
July 2, 2003: House Of Fun Match: CM Punk vs. Shane Douglas
August 13, 2003: Dusty Rhodes & America’s Most Wanted vs. Glen Gilberti & Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger
September 3, 2003: Super X Cup Final: Chris Sabin vs. Juventud Guerrera
September 17, 2003: Hair vs. Hair: Raven vs. Shane Douglas
November 5, 2003: CM Punk & Julio Dinero vs. Kid Kash & Lazz
November 5, 2003: World Title: Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett
November 19, 2003: AJ Styles vs. Abyss
January 7, 2004: CM Punk & Julio Dinero vs. Raven & The Sandman
January 7, 2004: Ultimate X Match: Chris Sabin vs. Michael Shane vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Low Ki
February 4, 2004: CM Punk & Julio Dinero vs. Terry Funk & The Sandman
February 25, 2004: CM Punk & Julio Dinero vs. Raven & Sabu
May 26, 2004: Ladder Match: Eric Young vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Mr. Aguila vs. Taichi Ishikara
May 26, 2004: Ultimate X Match: Petey Williams vs. Chris Sabin vs. Hector Garza
June 9, 2004: Team Canada vs. Jerry Lynn & Heavy Metal & Hector Garza
June 16, 2004: Flag Match: Team Canada vs. Team USA
July 21, 2004: Steel Cage Match: The Naturals vs. America’s Most Wanted
August 25, 2004: AJ Styles & Jeff Hardy & Ron Killings vs. Monty Brown & Kid Kash & Dallas

You can order it here.

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