TNA Returning to Orlando for Impact?, Update on Mickie’s Status, More


– As noted, TNA is considering taking Impact Wrestling tapings back to a singular location and are currently discussing several locations. The most notable location discussed internally is Orlando, Florida.

– Despite her contract expiring on Monday, Mickie James and TNA are still in negotiations.

– There’s a lot of talk that TNA will be running a major arena in the New York City metropolitan area soon. Madison Square Garden wouldn’t be a possibility but they could run in the Barclays Center, the IZOD Center or the Nassau Coliseum.

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Source: PWInsider


  1. they need to go back and stay in orlando. they need to adopt the ecw mentality. hide what you don’t have, and promote what you do. they don’t have the money of wwe, but what they do have is better hard hitting action and better athletes. their women’s division is incredible, and those ladies can flat out bring it. they need to keep mickie james. james,odb, and gail kim can have some incredible matches going forward.

    • Sadly they are going down the path of WCW, trying to imitate WWE instead of improving on their own originality. I once had hopes for TNA but as soon as they got Russo, Bichoff and Hogan running the show i knew it would go downhill from there.

      • Just read that Jarret is coming back Hope so they need to get rid of Russo B****off and Hogan it destroy the product and i disagree wwe has been imitating the TNA doing all this high calibur matches have force WWE to keep up and TNA should try moving to Atlanta WCW territory an build from there they have lots of wrestling fans there

        • Where TNA messed up in the first place was not trying to sign Paul Heyman,he stated numerous times he would listen and concider signing with them if he had full control over the storylines.Look at the situation they’re in now almost flatlined.Getting rid of Russo and Hogan is starting to look pretty awesome now! At least Heyman wouldn’t be running the company.Though he couldn’t any worse then what Mizz Carter has been doing.Jeff Jarrett is exactly what TNA needs as long as whats her face don’t come back with him.

          • Russo has been gone from TNA for a long time now. If you believe the rumors he and Dixie Carter were involved in an extramarital affair. It got bad when Kevin Nash used this as leverage, demanding Dixie release him from his contract or he would reveal the information. She gave in and Nash went back to the WWE. Russo resigned a short while later.

    • I hope they go to Orlando. They can compete with the WWE Training Facility. It seems Orlando is becoming a hotbed for wrestling, and if they were smart, they’d be there to snatch up good young talent.

      • Seriously? Tna couldn’t carry NXT’s jockstrap on there best day.NXT has far better talent and wrestlers then Tna.They accomplish more in 60 mintues then what Tna does in 2 hrs.

  2. Going to New York is a mistake for them. Wether they like it or not they are essentially a southern “rasslin'” promotion and their biggest fanbase has always been in the south.

    • Unless Tna could talk Sting into wrestling for 4 hrs.Tna will get laughed out MSG or anyother big time venue.New York like here in PA takes the pro rasslin’ seriously as all hell!!!


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