TNA Star Gets a Makeover, September’s Superstar Spotlight, TNA Podcast

– Embedded below is TNA’s latest installment of their Impact Wrestling Podcast:

– Rob Terry has been paired up with Lei’d Tapa in TNA’s Developmental territory, OVW. The team is going by the name, “High School Detention.” You can check out Rob’s new gothic look below.

Rob Terry as High School Detention

– Samoa Joe is’s Superstar Spotlight for September. You can check out the feature here.

Very Rare Footage of Hulk Hogan Playing Bass Guitar…

  • allan

    What?!! Haha

  • Matthew DeAngelo

    A little black make up makes you goth?

  • raul cruz

    “High school detention”? Hell why not have Zach and Screech help him win matches by doing run-ins.

    • allan

      Screech never got detention lol

  • Rene Ramirez

    they look good but why put a brit and samoan together interesting