TNA Star Planning on Opening a Bar and Pitching a Reality TV Show


– TMZ reports that TNA star James Storm is traveling to Los Angeles next week to develop a reality TV show focusing on a bar he plans on opening in Nashville.

Storm reportedly has meetings lined up with different network executives and production companies while in town. Storm’s reality show would feature appearances from his famous friends and showcase the shenanigans that he and his redneck friends get into at the bar.

TMZ added that Storm isn’t looking to leave TNA, he’s jut looking to expand his brand.

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  1. That’s smart. Eric Young is doing the same thing. You always want an avenue that will afford you security. I wish him well. He’s really friendly and likeable and people will flock to his business and like his show I’m sure. Just do me a favor and have a Bonanza night every once in awhile lol. (Teasing)

  2. Sorry,,,, about your damn Luck!!! I love the Cowboy James Storm. He’s a creek swimmin, moonshine sipping, beer skinnin, beer drinkin, Johnny Cash listenin


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