TNA Stars Expecting to Sign Deals for Less Money, More on AJ Styles


– Regarding AJ Styles leaving TNA, it is not part of the storyline that they began a few months ago. Things could change between now and December 16th but Styles is indeed leaving TNA if they don’t.

Styles is currently taking independent bookings and word is that he’s asking between $3,000 and $4,000 per appearance. It was noted that Styles’ scheduled Q&A tour of the UK was pushed back due to a Diamond Dallas Page tour taking place around the same time but another reason for the delay is that TNA’s lawyers sent legal letters to the promoters to make sure they weren’t infringing on anything TNA owns rights to.

The main problem between TNA and AJ is money. TNA simply would not give him what he wanted. Now there’s a feeling within TNA, with so many contracts coming up in the next year, that a lot of guys are going to end up singing deals for less than they were previously making just to keep their jobs. The feeling is if TNA wouldn’t give AJ Styles more money, then they probably won’t be giving any one else more money.

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Source: PWInsider


    • I have to disagree with you. I agree that they spent a lot of money on the Hogans’ and Bischoff but even that wasn’t what cause their financial troubles. Their time change earlier in the year along with their travels is the culprit. I’m not saying that they shouldn’t go to different arenas but they couldn’t afford the trip abroad. They need to work as a territory and then when they do better branch out globally. They also need to activated more wrestlers and stop showing the same 5 guys every week.

    • Actually if you knew anything you would know the reason they have no money is cause panda energy is not pay on for tna any!ore

  1. TNA is just not a major wrestling company.If you can’t draw 1000 people to a PPV you are in no way a major wrestling company


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