TNA Suspends Gut Check Challenge Voting

TNA suspended it’s Gut Check Challenge voting following a controversial flaw that allowed fans to vote multiple times. Here is a press released that TNA issued.

In January, we launched the Gut Check Challenge as an online competition to give many independent wrestling stars a chance to showcase their talents and potentially earn a spot on the IMPACT WRESTLING roster.

However, due to a number of issues with the voting – and in fairness to all the competitors – we have decided to suspend the Gut Check Challenge.

We will be re-launching the contest in the near future with a new voting system that will eliminate the voting issues. Stay tuned to our website for updates – and thank you for your continued support of TNA and IMPACT WRESTLING!

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  • What a shame. I know several wrestlers who were trying to
    use word of mouth and social media to reach potential voters. I am saddened there are people in this world who would resort to shortcuts to win a contest. The actions by the people who used automated voting are part of the reason this business is struggling. Fans want to believe their actions count for something in this process. I look forward to the day when a wrestling promotion truly does make an interactive product and not results that are manufactured.