Saturday, November 17

TNA Talents Unhappy With The Six-Sided Ring Returning


Many of the TNA talents are said to be unhappy with the return of the six-sided ring and some have even complained to TNA officials about it. They were told that the ring is being used to help TNA “stand out” from other promotions. There are several reasons many of the talents have an issue with the ring returning full-time. The first is that it’s a difficult ring to work in and is said to be much “stiffer on the body” while taking bumps. The second is that the talent were never even asked about it returning in backstage meetings, etc. Almost the entire roster found out about it when the rest of us did – when a poll went up on

Don’t expect the ring to go anyway, as it’s said to be “here to stay”.

ORIGINAL: EC3 and Austin Aries have come out against the six-sided ring making a return in TNA. As previously reported, TNA is holding a vote on whether to permanently institute the six-sided ring again starting with next week’s Impact tapings in New York. The two TNA wrestlers posted the following on Twitter today opposing it:


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