TNA’s Six-sided Ring Returning?


The seating chart for the Impact Wrestling World Tour live event on September 17th, 2015 at the Kansas Expocentre in Topeka, KS reveals a ramp leading up to a six-sided ring instead of the traditional four-sided ring. This could be an early indication that the six-sided ring could be making a return to the company. You can check out the chart in the photo posted below.

TNA Seating Chart with Six sided Ring

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  1. hell they can have a seven sided ring it won’t help the ratings it won’t put people in doesn’t take a scientist to know the company is in desperate times

    • Ya cause wwes ratings are doing better minus the FACT that there ratings were double what they were now 10 years ago… Pro wrestling is in desperate times not just tna u Douche

      • LOL, First of all Wrestling for wrestling fans are in desperate times..WWE is more profitable than ever. The reason they could jump to a 3 hour time slot is all the proof you need. They are making a fortune on ad revenue alone.
        You can’t compare TNA to WWE. TNA is small time, and seems to be on the decline. They only been a around a few years.. They are suffering by keeping the has beens on top. Not that WWE doesn’t do that, but they can afford too.

        Kenneth is right, Ring shape won’t mean a thing with the booking they have. Maybe a huge hamster ball in a big bowl might help lol

        • Profitable doesn’t mean wrestling isn’t dieing who cares if wWe makes a billion trillion dollar the show can still do worse and worse which it will UNLESS its taken in the right direction..or who knows it could be doomed, but who cares if they sell a bunch of crap to kids, there seats are getting less filled and true fans or losing interest so who cares about money dude

          I’m just sick of people running TNA down I hate the carters but they got TNA on TV and on the road and that a hell of alot better then They were 10 years ago. Each product has its good and bad things and I do compare wwe to TNA cause wwe may have lots of money but there shows are not much better if at all.

          • “who cares about money dude” WWE does..I understand what your saying but.It is what it is..WWE is about making money like every other business You think its going to cater to a minority when it can make bank off the majority? It sucks I agree, but it’s the world we live in..

            As far as TNA goes, the writing is on the wall man. I’m not saying anything that isn’t true..I think a majority of their younger talent is better than a majority of the WWE locker room. But they have all the wrong people in charge..thats whats killing them..keep the squared circle and save the 6 sided for “special events” for starters.. at the end of the day, i understand and share your frustration.. but as fans we can only site back and wait it out..

  2. There is only one way for TNA to survive and that would be to go into partnership with a creative genius. Anyone who worked with Dana White would qualify as MMA has surpassed what pro wrestling once was.

  3. Where TNA messed up in the first place,was they seen ratings start to grow making more money and think they had to compete with the WWE.Signing Hogan didn’t make matters any better.Since the day he stepped one toe in TNA they begun their decline,but it’s nothing that can’t be saved.Time patients and my brillant plan would be all they need.

  4. You have to admit that ‘professional wrestling’ is a curious phenomenon. Any person worth their salt should realize that it is
    all quite fake but we are all fans never the less.

    Anyhow, on the topic at hand I think Josh as largely (but not altogether) got it right when he said “You can’t compare TNA
    to the WWE” which is something that first and foremost TNA should have been the first in line to try and avoid doing. It was Jerec who I believe quite rightly pointed out that TNA has been on a downhill slide since the very first day that they contracted Hulk Hogan (and to some extent Eric Bishoff) and I believe it has something to do with what Josh pointed out. TNA took on Hogan (and Bishoff) who from the outset said he (and they both) where traditionalists when it came to professional wrestling. This meant no 6 sided ring, more of the use of story lines to promote matches and so on and so forth. The point being that this made TNA more main stream and far
    less original as it was and as Josh also pointed out WWE as the more of the cash to do main stream better than anyone else.

    Josh also points out that he agrees with Kenneth that bringing back the six side will not have a great effect on the fortunes of TNA. I also believe this to be largely true because once you sell ones originality to go mainstream, it is a bell that cannot be un-rung simply because it is not original any more. This is what I think plagues the big two professional wrestling companies is that the product that they are presenting to us the fans all seems to be much the same and in some cases a regurgitation of past of offerings (two cases in point Aces & Eights/NWO and Daniel Bryant/Stone Cold Steve Austin). Which is why at this point I do have to disagree with Josh on one point, I don’t believe TNA’s current misfortunes lie in them keeping older stars and has more to do with Hogan (and Bishoff) basically making TNA ordinary
    and in these harsh economic times I just don’t being ordinary in the pro wrestling sense cuts it when fans have the glitz and glamor of the WWE to choose from.

    Finally, Jonathan. You are right TNA needs the right kind of genius to get it going again and if they ever made any one realmistake it was not signing up Paul Heyman. Say what you like about the guy he managed to compete with both the WWE and WCW on a shoe string budget by listening to the fans until he made the same mistake that TNA is in the process of doing, thinking it was right to expand.

    Thank you for time.

  5. Allen’s just butthurt cus somebody said something bad about TNA. Don’t cry Allen, its OK. TNA may not be the WWE, but they will survive nevertheless.
    They are learning from their mistakes, have a good product, and are without Hulk Hogan. Things can only get better now. Someone please give Allen a hug.


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