Toni Storm Wants a Match With Becky Lynch in WWE


Toni Storm recently spoke to The Express about her biggest inspiration in WWE today. That inspiration is none other than Becky Lynch, who also happens to be the hottest Superstar in Vince McMahon’s company.

“She is taking the women’s division to a completely different level. Her strengths and her fire are definitely inspiring me right now. I hope to eventually step into the ring with her because I feel the biggest competition at the moment is Becky Lynch.”

Storm is becoming a star in her own right as she indeed had a great year in 2018. Toni competed at the company’s historic Evolution event in October, where she won the Mae Young Classic by defeating Io Shirai. Storm has also become a featured performer on WWE’s newest brand, NXT UK.

Many fans feel that her impact on that brand is merely just the precursor of what’s to come. Indeed, Storm could become one of the top female Superstars in WWE. Like Chyna before her, Lynch has opened doors with her ascension, as she proved that a woman is definitely capable of breaking barriers and achieving true success in the company.

2018 will perhaps forever be known as the year of Becky Lynch. But Toni Storm is just getting started.

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