Tonight’s WWE Tapings, Vader’s Son Comments on Release, Matadores

– More hype from Los Matadores during last night’s RAW:

“From Madrid to Barcelona.. From Valencia to Sevilla.. From Spain to the WWE Universe… Los Matadores are coming… Soon! #WWEOl? #RAW @WWE”

– As noted on Monday, Jesse White, the son of Vader, has been released from his WWE developmental deal. He has changed his Twitter username to @Mr_JesseWhite and tweeted:

“Thank you to all. No hard feelings. To each is own.”

– Tonight’s WWE SmackDown tapings take place from the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio. No matches have been announced for this week. Top stars like Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan will be appearing but none of the McMahon family are advertised.

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  • Matthew DeAngelo

    The more “hype” the harder fail. Los Matadores will fail faster then Carlito

    • Frankie Martinez

      Mattie, Carlito it’s the first ever to win both the us title ( from cena, no less ) and the int. title ( from the awfully underrated shelton benjamin) in his raw and smackdown debuts, has won the wwe, world and the undisputed tag team titles. if that’s a fail, then you are a man with balls…..wait, you are just a moronic ass clown. and I just love to call stupid assholes like you out, it’s sooooo satisfying. next time do your research, Matilda, so you finally stop looking like the world’s biggest assclown…..PIPEBOMB,little b**** !!! 🙂

      • NachoMan

        Hahaha Matilda, that is awesome… the fact that it is a wrestling reference tickles me even more. Frankie it is not nice to call names, but with that said, Carlito was an awesome wrestler who walked away because he didnt like the politics in the WWE. He put alot of other wrestlers over with his work as well. The hype he got was well deserved. Los Matadores = Aldo Montoya mixed his clothes with the reds…

      • Matthew DeAngelo

        Said before saying PIPEBOMB after everything you say doesn’t make you cool. I’m sorry that you hate me Frank. It’s so easy to call people a b**** and other s*** when you don’t know the person and their probably 2000 miles away, I’ve been there and realized it’s dumb. So continue your I guess you think it’s mind games, I’m just making you act more like a child for responding, so I won’t anymore. Keep saying assclown and Jericho might sue, I heard he needs money