Tony Khan Admitted Jon Moxley Signing With AEW Was His Biggest Surprise


AEW President, Tony Khan recently spoke with Dan Le Batard on South Beach Sessions where he revealed what the biggest surprise of 2019 was for him.

AEW as a company obviously achieved a lot, and built up their entire roster from scratch, signing some of the best names in wrestling along the way.

However, former WWE Champion, Jon Moxley, was the big surprise for him, as Tony Khan admitted he never expected to make that signing.

“I never in a million years was expecting that Jon Moxley would be wrestling for us this year. That he would have come in, especially so quickly in the year. We launched at the beginning of the year and I knew we were going to launch with Chris Jericho, who is one of the biggest names in history. I knew, when we did this, that we could get Chris. I knew that if I could make the pieces fit, Chris would come. We had all these exciting young wrestlers with The Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes, and Kenny Omega. What I never expected was Jon Moxley would get out of WWE and be available to us for our first show. That was a huge surprise to me.”

There is a chance that Moxley could end up as AEW’s World Heavyweight Champion in the future, as he is currently locked in a feud with Le Champion himself, Chris Jericho.

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