Tony Khan Discusses AEW’s Concussion Protocol And His Level Of Involvement


AEW President, Tony Khan recently spoke with about the company and how involved he is in the presentation of things.

Tony Khan spoke about the presentation of the product so far, praising Chris Jericho in particular for his input.

“I think we’re really involved in the presentation of whoever it comes in, whether it’s a complete overhaul … I think we have a big say, like I have a big say, in what the presentation’s going to be. I think what’s great is when we work with people who have so much experience and knowledge, like Chris is brilliant,” Khan stated. “And I’ve sat with Chris and with Cody and people and we’ve had really interesting talks about how AEW can help develop a unique presentation for them. Like the Chris you see at AEW is a very different Chris than we’ve ever seen before. This super rock-star champion with the entourage he has, which is called the Inner Circle, which is a new thing that we’ve kind of developed here since we’ve started our TV show, “Dynamite.” The Inner Circle’s gotten over pretty big. So yeah, it’s a different presentation.”

As well as that, Tony Khan discussed AEW’s concussion protocol and how things work for them in that situation.

“There’s researcher out there named Chris Nowinski who’s actually a former pro wrestler and a former football player and had concussions end his career and has gone around educating pro wrestlers and football people and sports all over about the dangers of concussion. And I think through him and a bunch of other people’s work we know more about it, so we have concussion protocol in place and we have doctors at ringside for all the matches. If anybody couldn’t continue for any reason, we check for that and people have to be cleared to return, and I think things have come a long way. AEW, we’re a relatively new company. Our first show was “Double or Nothing,” Memorial Day weekend in Las Vegas, last May, so I think people have been educated and by the time we started we knew we had to have doctors at ringside and a protocol for safety,” he said.

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