Tony Khan Discusses AEW’s Promos Being Less Scripted


AEW’s President, Tony Khan recently spoke with Dan Le Batard on South Beach Sessions, where he commented on AEW’s promos being less scripted.

He compared their style of promos to other places. Khan noted how he finds it painful to watch promos in other companies as it is so forced, which is why AEW is less scripted.

“Our promos are like the ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ of wrestling. I don’t believe sending wrestlers out there with a 10-page soliloquy and a script to memorize. When I watch other wrestling shows, it’s painful to watch people talk. And these are charismatic guys, but they’re force-fed dialogue that no actual human being would ever say in a realistic conversation. And somehow, we’re supposed to believe them and believe in them. When I was a kid, I never would have gotten behind someone that was reading that kind of a script,” he said.

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