Tony Khan Talks AEW’s Comparisons to WCW, Offering an Edgier Product, Upcoming TV Deal


Chris Van Vliet recently caught up with AEW owner Tony Khan. Khan is at the helm of the brand new pro wrestling company, which is set to make a major impact in the industry in 2019.

Khan spoke about AEW’s comparisons to WCW, which many fans have made over the past several months. The two companies are similar because of the financial resources that both share, but according to Khan, that’s where the differences end.

“I don’t want to compare us to any other wrestling company, we’re AEW. We’re doing something very different and what’s great is that what we will offer, which will bring people back to you know, 20 years ago, is that there will be a major alternative. There will be a second company with great production values and good exposure, it’s easy to watch and giving you shows with the top wrestlers  with the best matches and on a regular basis.”

Khan also talked about the actual AEW product and how it may differ from WWE and other pro wrestling companies currently in operation. Will AEW offer an edgier product, similar to the original ECW?

“I think we are doing some very edgy things and I think what you see on our social media is not necessarily what you’re gonna see in our television product, which I do expect to be much more advertiser friendly than ECW. But that doesn’t mean that we won’t push the envelope sometimes, it doesn’t mean that you won’t see like really exciting high spots and a lot of what made ECW great was the work…we’re gonna have the best caliber in-ring stuff in the world.”

The subject of AEW’s rumored television deal also came up of course. AEW is reportedly set to announce that deal sometime soon, with the program hitting the air by the fall of 2019. Khan was vague on the topic but he did offer his feelings on the positives that AEW will deliver in terms of the televised product.

“It’s not just about getting a TV deal put together. I think that offering the kind of pay-per-view shows that we’re offering with Double or Nothing and offering affordable tickets for the fans and making wrestling a family experience. But not just a trip to a cartoon type show, but there’s no reason kids can’t get engaged with the fastest paced, most exciting stuff and I think that’s what we’re gonna offer. If and when we do enter into the television space, I expect it will be the best wrestling TV show that you’ll see.”

Double or Nothing is the first event for AEW and will take place on May 25 in Las Vegas. The show is quickly building steam and features some highly anticipated matches, including The Young Bucks versus The Lucha Brothers, Chris Jericho versus Kenny Omega and Cody Rhodes versus his brother, Dustin Rhodes.