Top 10 Eddie Guerrero Moments, New NXT UK Star Looking To Turn Heads, Booker T vs Kurt Angle (Videos)


Top 10 Eddie Guerrero Moments

WWE on YouTube: “In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, look back at 10 of the greatest moments in Eddie Guerrero’s career.”

Dani Luna Turning Heads in NXT UK

Below is a new video package hyping up “The Inevitable” Dani Luna, the 21-year-old English wrestler looking to make waves and turn heads when the NXT UK brand returns to action this Thursday. Luna started wrestling for the brand in 2019 but has yet to get her first win, used primarily in quick matches to put over names like Kay Lee Ray and Piper Niven.

Booker T vs Kurt Angle Battle For WCW Title

WWE on YouTube: “Kurt Angle tries to squash WCW’s invasion as he challenges Booker T for the WCW Championship on SmackDown in 2001: Courtesy of WWE Network.”