Top 10 Greatest WWE Survivor Series Debuts

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The former NFL linebacker from the University of Tennessee looked impressive from the first time he stepped out onto the entrance ramp, hulking his way to the ring to face an all-star panel including Yokozuna, Owen Hart, Razor Ramon and Shane Douglas.

As far as debuts go, Johnson’s debut pay-per-view match at the ’95 Survivor Series was about as effective as you could hope for. He shrugged off the Razor’s Edge, scored two out of his team’s four eliminations, pinned a 590-pound giant, punched out the British Bulldog, and stood tall with Shawn Michaels – perhaps the most popular star in the company at the time.

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This victory set Johnson down a road of steady midcard programs that led to him becoming the WWF’s first ever African-American Intercontinental Champion within eight months.

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