We Ranked the Top 10 Male WWE Superstars of 2017; Who Was the Best of the Best?

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As another year comes to a close, and yet another Road to WrestleMania fast approaches, we take a look back at the greatest WWE Superstars of 2017.

When narrowing down our list of names, we took into consideration a multitude of factors. Because the WWE roster is so massive, and there were so many Superstars turning in consistently impressive in-ring performances, it was definitely not easy to pick just ten names. It was not enough to be just a great wrestler, an intriguing character, or a memorable promo.

We looked for that mythological “sweet spot” that combined all the best elements of professional wrestling (or sports entertainment, if you will) to answer one simple question: which ten Superstars most contributed to the WWE product being an enjoyable experience in 2017? Who made me tune into Raw and Smackdown each and every week?

Once we narrowed down the options by about 30 people (no joke), our list still had about two dozen names left over. What can we say, it was a pretty good year for individual performers.

So in the interest of creating the best list of ten that we could, it was decided that only WWE main roster Superstars would be considered. And likewise, those who came up from NXT in 2017 would only have their performance on the main roster factored in. The NXT brand will get its own year-end awards list in the next few days.

Furthermore, we’ll be doing a seperate list of the best tag teams in 2017 as well. With so many incredible groups and amazing tag matches being churned out left and right from all over the WWE, it was easier to leave names like The Usos, Cesaro and Sheamus off this list and give them their own space to shine.

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  1. Terrific list, and while this two guys did start slow beginning of the year, we still gotta give credit to rusev and Sami Zayn. Rusev is GOLD and proves that no matter what program he is put into he can absolutely kill it. And while I wasn’t the biggest fan of samis heel turn at first I felt like it was believable and the transition was clean (not to mention he’s paired with KO.)

    • Mike Killam on

      Agreed. Hopefully their progress continues in 2018 and we can see them on the best of 2018 list.

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