Top Star Not Scheduled to Wrestle at BFG, Update on TNA’s Future, More


– As noted, Kurt Angle will be returning for Bound For Glory weekend as he’s being inducted into TNA’s Hall of Fame. At this point, Angle will be returning just for the Hall and isn’t scheduled to wrestle.

– There is a feeling within TNA that the company will survive in some form, if only because Spike TV won’t want to lose it. The Carter family would more than likely want to sell the company and get at least something out of it instead of shutting it down completely.

The big questions right now revolve around 2014 – who will own it, if the current or new owners will give it a facelift, who will remain on the roster, where TV shows will be taped and if they will continue to do live events.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


  1. ATTN HATERS: How do you like me now?
    The last 5 months I’ve said Sept/Oct would be huge for TNA and it revolved around surviving or reincorporating to get rid of Hogan… they are best of future endeavoring him and letting Bischoff/Hervey contract expire. YOUR WELCOME!

    • I don’t know if you listen to Busted Open, but you should if you don’t.

      I’ve been posting on their FB Page for a while that TNA would likely be kept viable by Viacom (Spike’s parent company) if and when TNA finally ran out of money.

      I think they’re being floated right now by Panda Energy (TNA’s parent company) and Viacom to keep them on the air until the end of the year. If BFG is a big financial windfall, TNA may stay under current ownership. If it isn’t, I believe TNA will be sold to Viacom in January.

      If Jerry Jarrett is right, Bob Carter is tired of losing money on TNA, and will look to unload after a terrible year.

      If that happens, Bischoff/Hervey is gone, too, and Viacom will probably bring in their own producer/director team.

      If TNA can unload Hogan, Bischoff, and a few other high-priced guys like Sting and Angle, they would literally save millions a year, which could prevent a sale altogether. And if I’m not mistaken, Sting’s contract is up this month.

      TNA is a mess.

      • The only reason that TNA is on Spike is because SpikeTv execs were miffed that Vince took Raw back to USA and wanted to show him up. Seems they failed.

        Rumors had it that Bischoff was going behind Dixie’s back trying to get Spike to either buy it completely or at least get controlling interest of the company, while setting himself up as the guy in charge of TNA. At the time SpikeTV seemed to have passed on this, probably because they think it’s easier just to keep paying for a show someone else has to produce, as opposed to having to sink a large sum of their own money into the product. At this point it will take a LOT of money and the know how to turn TNA around.

        Dixie herself has already publicly admitted the only revenue that TNA sees comes from their deal with SPIKETV. Sadly much of this revenue seems to go into covering up their bad decision making and trying to pay for overpriced wrestling stars long past their days as top draws. And believe it when I say Hogan and Sting no longer a draw. If they were TNA could easily fill mid size venues but they can barely pull in 1,000 fans. These are the same numbers some indy promotions draw for their best shows WITHOUT the help of television exposure or names like Hogan and Sting.

        I don’t see there being a TNA by 2015 if this keeps up. Their only hope is to scale the show down drastically to cut costs and eliminate the overpriced stars who bring nothing to the table. They can sign some up and coming young bucks from the indies and see what they can do with the television exposure TNA provides them. In other words, what TNA was before someone was stupid enough to think they could beat WWE at it’s own game.

      • That’s interesting and likely. Apparently the LACK of growth keeps Hogan from triggering something favorable in his contract. My source is someone who knows more than the average joe. They don’t want their name out there and they are out of firing range but who wants to be known as a rat. So, yeah, now that Bischoff has said he’s good till Jan my guy said, “oh, well, … .lets put it this way, then, i’d have said January, but Easy E and the guy who missed out with Winnie (Jason Hervey) are on borrowed time after they finish the ridiculous websites they are trying to work on using TNA’s likeness and characters (presumably the gambling thing). But, Dumping Hulkster and HOPEFULLY going back to 6 sides and THEN making things good enough that Mutoh will finally go forward with the talent sharing agreement could bring viewers back. He said “It’s TV, people WANT something more to watch, you just have to stop pissing them off! ”
        I usually don’t have inside info, but, this one… they WANTED to piss people off, so, i said sure, i’ll help since there’s no online traces between us these days.

  2. Best thing that could happen is to see Hogan leave once and for all. Other than promoting himself as “the greatest wrestler of all time,” what has he brought to the table? Thanks captainbuck for your comments. While I have enjoyed TNA, I have never differed with your opinions. When you have a promotion that has the talent TNA has and you cannot enter cities and attract crowds over at least 2,000, if you have no promotion team, if you cannot project yourself as a good wrestling promotion, then you have nothing. I’m certain Hogan sold himself to Spike but he certainly has been useless for quite some time.


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