Top Stars at Post-Chamber RAW, Speculation on Angle Returning, More


– There has been some speculation that WWE will begin using the new Network logo as their main company logo but as of this week they are still planning on using both logos.

– WWE has been working on plans for the RAW the night after Elimination Chamber, the same night the WWE Network launches. It’s going to be a supershow with names brought back and lots of promotion for the Network. While some people think Hulk Hogan will return at the Royal Rumble on Sunday, he is expected to debut the night the Network launches. There’s also been talk of bringing in Shawn Michaels, Sean Waltman and Kevin Nash for that night

– The belief within WWE is that Kurt Angle will be returning to WWE once his TNA deal is up but it’s very unlikely he will be able to pass the company physical. Angle could end up as a trainer for NXT.

Another Big Name Coming Back to WWE, Elimination Chamber Plans, More